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    James's Extended Track Goblin - 06 LS donor

    I like the theme for the wrap. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  2. Fetch & Fix

    Detailed Build Book

    I would love a copy. I am researching my build and hope to start later this year. [email protected]
  3. Fetch & Fix

    Easy entry option.

    Hi Dan. I was considering building my own as well. I read your build and assumed you built your own. Appreciate the information. This is a better way to go. Jeff
  4. Fetch & Fix

    Easy entry option.

    Thanks James. I think my wife would appreciate that lower entry. We don't need the low entry now but think about the (near) future. Not worried about the side protection. You get hit in one of these and that top bar isn't going to help a lot. For new builders here is a picture of Tony's...
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    Easy entry option.

    Does anyone have the lowered entry option? I've looked at some builds but haven't seen one. How much lower are they?
  6. Fetch & Fix

    Frame Powder Coating

    Whats the benefit of powder coat over using an automotive paint?
  7. Fetch & Fix

    Frame Powder Coating

    Somewhere I saw Goblin frames powder coated in different colors. Is this going to be an option?
  8. Fetch & Fix

    Ss city first stage with power train.

    Hi Allyn. Sorry to hear about your medical issues. I am considering building a Goblin and want either the turbo or supercharged. I would like more info on what you have. You say the stage 2 is paid for. Does that come with what you have there? What is the mileage on the donor? ant pictures and...