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    V2 Donor Checklist

    From the original announcement post...
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    If it isn't offered by the time I'm ready to build, I'll learn how to weld and fab it in myself. That may be our only option depending on how deep down the rabbit hole DF decides to go on this. A honda driveline would be pretty cool. TONS of aftermarket support, and their manual transmissions...
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    Will DFG be working on designing a front spoiler for the V2, or will we be purchasing/fabricating our own like on the V1?
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    I have a LHU in my storage locker I had plans to send to ZZP to girdle and put forged internals, Stage 2 cams in a ported head, compound turbo, etc. with an F40. The plan was 700-800whp (Yes, I'm slightly insane). I may still build a V1, I'm not sure. The VW 2.0TSI is awfully tempting though...
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    Still working on getting my ducks in a row financially, made a lot of poor financial choices in my teens and 20s. My timeline is wide open. Was more curious if it was even a future plan for DF to R&D or if I would have to fab it.
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    Lonny, any idea if will you be pursuing R&D to support us 3 pedal lovers in the future?
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    Sneak Peek - Goblin V2

    Personally, I'd like to see an AWD option in the future, something like the A3 or A4.
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    New Item - Tubular Subframe and Rear Suspension for Manual Goblins

    Will this be available when ordering a kit? Is there more R&D required for the F40?
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    Minor body modifications

    Yes... 3D printed goblin so those of us that are poor can still say we own a goblin until we have the $ to build a real one... Asking for a friend of course...
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    Desert Sasqwatch #155 Track (mods) - 08 SS/TC crate LNF F40

    Any chance you're keeping a "blueprint" of all of the frame reinforcements and speed holes you're doing that you could post once you're done? I'd really like to do some reinforcing to mine once I get it ordered. I'm not expecting down to the .001" measurements, but just a rough guide to what...
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    F40 guys chime in

    I haven't had much time to look, been busy with work and family lately. I'll keep you updated. Found a few on, and there's a guy on FB selling one locally, but I haven't asked what year yet. I'm looking for a 2007+ for the best gear ratios.
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    #243 Turbo for Sale

    This looks almost exactly like the one that was on one of 1320's TX2K vids... It was my inspiration to look into building one :D
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    GOTW 11-17-23 - #187 Jeremy G.

    it looks really good!
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    GOTW 11-17-23 - #187 Jeremy G.

    What is the name of that matte red?
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    F40 guys chime in

    I have no idea tbh, but that's how I read it when I was looking for information and stumbled on the post...
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    F40 guys chime in

    From a cobalt ss group on fb, they say the spacer is for the regal trans... maybe the saab bellhousing is just a slightly different length?
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    Are we at 500?

    I really want #616 in honor of my grandparents, but I'm not sure I can wait that long...
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    Problem with rear brake caliper brackets not fitting

    Here's the link mentioned above.
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    DF Quick release steering wheel adaptor

    With this being a part that is made by DF... why isn't it already pre-drilled to the correct diameter? Is it a normal thing to have to modify the kit with other parts too? I've read about issues with the control arms (I think?) having more of a space than it should when first assembling. That...
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    New wiring harness coming out!! Plug and play.

    It'll be an LNF donor... so the porous block excuse could work... :D