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    Vacuum line on intake pipe...connects to?

    I reached out to Adam, but no response yet. Let me ping him again. Yes, this is a 2010 SS/TC.
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    Vacuum line on intake pipe...connects to?

    Hey all, my intake pipe doesn't have a bung for the connection to the valve cover. Do i need to drill? Sidewall seems thin for that to be stable. The charge pipe has more of a bung.
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    Coilover Options

    Hey all, to confirm, the 9HT300 spring goes in the back with the BC coilovers and the 9HT400 goes in the front with the QA1 coilovers?
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    Button Panel Set

    can anyone tell me how to use the spacers in the button panel set? i have it in place, but i want to make sure its correct. right now in the front of the cluster, i have 1 small spacers on top and 1 large on bottom. i used the remaining 4 spacers in the back of the panel were it touches frame...
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    A few questions on ordering and preference

    Hey guys, I plan to purchase my Goblin towards the end of January and I have a few questions: First, with the full cage setup, does that have the 2 support bars in the center of the roof halo? I've seen this in some of the pictures. Second, what is the benefit of having the Extended Height...