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  1. Lndshrk Steve

    Sluggonaut's Extended Track #364 - 2007 SS/SC (Turbo) Donor

    I just attach my trickle charger at the positive on the fuse box and grab an upper shock bolt.
  2. Lndshrk Steve

    GOTW - 3-22-24 #254 Nick Brown

    Or if some of us didn't move to South Carolina.
  3. Lndshrk Steve

    Goblin Front Splitter Group buy

    I'd be interested. The timing just wasn't right for the first round.
  4. Lndshrk Steve

    New project / travel vehicle

    I had one of these with a 3-on-the-tree. You could get it jammed up between 1st and 2nd (probably loose linkage). Had to reach through the grill, I think, to get it unstuck. Left me stranded once.
  5. Lndshrk Steve

    SOLD - SS/SC Goblin #316 for sale, NC Title/Registration

    It's great to have another Goblin in Margaritaville! Can't wait to get them together, as soon as it warms up!
  6. Lndshrk Steve

    **Post Picture's of your Finished Goblin Here**

    Updated photo with sides on and hood wrapped.
  7. Lndshrk Steve

    Cars and Coffee

    Yes, it shocked me too! A very wide variety at this meet.
  8. Lndshrk Steve

    Cars and Coffee

    Getting some attention at last month's Cars and Coffee. 200+ cars attended.
  9. Lndshrk Steve

    Considering building a FFR Mk4 roadster (lord help me)

    I think your opinion is worth a LOT more than two cents!
  10. Lndshrk Steve

    Goblinfest 2023

    You guys have a great (and safe) time! Maybe I can make it next year.
  11. Lndshrk Steve

    Minor body modifications

    There are a few full bodied kit builds out there . . . if that's what you're after.
  12. Lndshrk Steve

    Hood mounting

    It is tight, you may have to remove just a little fiberglass. Also, I put an aluminum rub plate on the bottom to sandwich the fiberglass in with the rivets. The factory plate with the fasteners inside the fiberglass.
  13. Lndshrk Steve

    cant believe that i cant find this electrical gremlin...

    It's been a while . . . but I know all the fuses and relays must come out. Take a picture so you know where to put the back in. Then all the bolts holding the connectors to the bottom, must come out. Then just work the clips around the edge. It should pull right up out of the fuse box shell.
  14. Lndshrk Steve

    #446 completed tagged and driving

    Nice, well done!
  15. Lndshrk Steve

    Manual Shifter Upgrade

    I've got 500+ miles on mine without that happening . . . . It's not a T10 rock crusher.
  16. Lndshrk Steve

    Cars & Coffee

    Did a C & C show this morning. I remembered to get a photo before everyone left. Got a chance to show off my new nose wrap. I took me a year to decide, and I think I like it.
  17. Lndshrk Steve

    Pennsylvania SCCA Autocross

    Wow, I'm 345 and originally from PA (now in SC). Started autocrossing there in 1972 . . .
  18. Lndshrk Steve

    Who was that?

    While watching the news this morning (WTOC, Savannah), I spotted a Goblin in the "Stand Up for America" parade in Port Wentworth, GA. That's real close to me in Hardeeville, SC (Margaritaville). I didn't know anyone was that close.
  19. Lndshrk Steve

    Replacing high mileage parts

    The OEM number is listed on the Rock Auto page.
  20. Lndshrk Steve

    Warehouse fire near my Goblin Frame

    Heard about it this morning but I just saw the WFMZ 69 News report (we watch down here in SC). BIG fire! I hope all of your stuff comes out ok.