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  1. Rauq

    PCM Fuse Blowing

    Below, 1, 2, and 4 should have continuity to ground, and 3, 5, and 6 should have continuity to the 15a PCM fuse. Can you verify continuity for each, and verify that the grounds don't have continuity to the ignition fuse and vice versa? When you say it smokes the PCM fuse on an attempted start...
  2. Rauq

    Wiring Wideband O2 Sensors

    The AC pressure wire input to the ECU should be connected to the white wire that comes off the gauge. The wideband O2 sensor harness only runs between the sensor and the gauge.
  3. Rauq

    Next step. What to check?

    It looks like all three of B1S1 and B1S2 and the MAF are fed ignition voltage through the 10a EXH fuse. See the diagrams linked here and the section immediately below the one linked. My first guess would be that the codes you listed are because of the fuse being pulled, but if the idle clean up...
  4. Rauq

    Wiring Wideband O2 Sensors

    You can set your tune up to minimize adders like piston protection and cat over-temp and log fuel trims and compare to the wideband. I will always trust the narrowband O2 sensors when running closed loop over a wideband, but with enough data and some Excel math, you should be able to verify how...
  5. Rauq

    LSJ 2.0 -> LAP 2.2 Swap or (LSJ Ion Redline Engine)

    Second pic in this post... womp womp A base model thermostat housing clears but requires new coolant lines to the oil cooler.
  6. Rauq

    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4 turbo track goblin build

    Did I see this is for sale now...?
  7. Rauq

    LSJ 2.0 -> LAP 2.2 Swap or (LSJ Ion Redline Engine)

    If you use an F23 from DFKC it'll be set up for a Cobalt speed sensor which means it's in the trans. You'd only be stuck if trying to use an '04 Redline F35 without the accompanying intermediate shaft. I'm a big fan of the F23 swap, but it does require some custom-ish coolant lines to and from...
  8. Rauq

    Mikes Extended, Full Frame Goblin - 2009 Cobalt LS with 135k donor

    Left turns would be when the pump is starved for fuel with a low fuel level. When you installed your pump, did you modify the bucket in anyway way? I don't know if you ever confirmed whether your bucket has the venturi or the check valve in the bottom, but both serve to keep fuel in the bucket...
  9. Rauq

    Dan's #495 build (2006 SS/SC)

    3/8-16 is correct.
  10. Rauq

    Traé’s Goblin (06’ SS/SC #501)

    On a stock wiring LSJ, the intercooler pump will only run with the engine running, or if commanded in HP Tuners VCM Scanner. I think you can set a delay on and a minimum ambient temp in the tune as well. How do you know you're leaking? If I fill my filler neck all the way up, it always ends up...
  11. Rauq

    Traé’s Goblin (06’ SS/SC #501)

    The pump's only rated for 0.3bar (just over 4psi) and the coolant doesn't get hot enough to require pressure to remain a liquid like a radiator system. Intake manifold boost is a higher pressure and would be trying to make its way into the coolant, but typically if the fluid system isn't sealed...
  12. Rauq

    LSJ 2.0 -> LAP 2.2 Swap or (LSJ Ion Redline Engine)

    Off the top of my head the only difference with the drivetrain hardware in the Ion is the early years have the vehicle speed sensor on the intermediate shaft instead of in the trans, which means a Redline F35 is not quite a straight swap. Some of the clutch hydraulics are a little different too...
  13. Rauq

    Dan's #495 build (2006 SS/SC)

    That looks like a 47pin Deutsch bulkhead connector. I don't think that's GM.
  14. Rauq

    Fuel Pump Pressure

    I'd always heard the stock LSJ pump was supposed to be comparable to a Walbro 255. I don't know if it flows more than an LS pump, and this is far from conclusive, but Rockauto lists different AC Delco and Delphi part numbers for LSJ and 2.2 Cobalts. I also had no fuel pressures on low boost with...
  15. Rauq

    Fuel Pump Pressure

    I have a stock LSJ pump if you want it. If you post a picture of the bottom of your bucket I can tell you how well I think it'll fit. Couple bucks plus shipping.
  16. Rauq

    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    Since every nut and bolt on your car is labeled for torque, seems like the next step is to write (backwards) on the visor of your helmet "CHECK TORQUE" I don't remember who it was but when I first met up with some Goblin folks in Charlotte to do the initial alignment on my almost-completed...
  17. Rauq

    Question about Copart buying in Michigan but car is in Missouri

    There's at least a ten SS donors within 250 miles of Detroit on FB Marketplace that I would consider for a build under $8k, some of which look medium-term drivable, and a couple that are within break-even territory. I made money off my donor, it all depends on how hard you sell your unused donor...
  18. Rauq

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    For what it's worth a GMS2 LSJ tune pulls 3° of timing at 140°F. No timing pulled at 120°F. You're good. It does sound like normal LSJ intercooling where the coolest temps are just cruising, with higher temps while sitting still more or making power, and temps that drop somewhat quicker after...
  19. Rauq

    Fenix's Goblin #461 - 2010 Base Auto

    I don't think it's included for automatic donor kits. The change was to include it on all manual trans donor kits.
  20. Rauq

    Grants Full Cage Goblin - '06 LT NA Donor

    This is DF's bracket. I believe it should be included with the kit for an NA donor, but I'm speculating because I bought mine separately when I swapped from an F35 to an F23. I got an F35 bracket with my kit which I used for a year before swapping transmissions.