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  1. DanPerryy

    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor 2.0

    My hoses were VERY easy to get in, 2 people, one in the back pushing and keeping the hose wet as it entered the tube, the other up front pulling. Maybe 30 minutes for both sides.
  2. DanPerryy

    Dre city Goblin build - 06 LS Donor

    The brown wire - on mine - is the tail light wire.
  3. DanPerryy

    Alex and the Extended City Frame - 08 Sport/Automatic Donor

    I used these connectors too - they are really nice and inexpensive. I got mine from
  4. DanPerryy

    Late model button panel wiring diagram

    Years ago I did an engine swap on my Camero with a VAT that used the little resistor in the key to enable the operation. I too thought that the tolerance was not that critical. There were charts for the possible values. I used 5% resistors and had to custom make a resistor that worked by...
  5. DanPerryy

    Non-DF owner but can maybe help with DOT

    Look at Wheeler Dealers show on Saab 96 - cutting an existing windshield to fit.
  6. DanPerryy

    Dummy lights tuned out?

    I took the faceplate of clear plastic off my dash an put some black electrical tape over the lights that were not applicable. Put the faceplate back on and wo-la - the lights were OFF!!! (and you cant see the tape!!!)
  7. DanPerryy

    Greetings, from southern Louisiana!

    I too love cars, but the energy (and time) it takes to rebuild an older car is immense and when you get done you have a very nice old car, bit great suspension, not great brakes, either a not to bullet proof engine. We used to think 100,000 miles was a good engine life. Now we don't change...
  8. DanPerryy

    Track visibility

    I am 6'4 and my seat sits higher - a bench seat - I don't notice the tubes when driving.
  9. DanPerryy

    Car lifts

    The key for you is to ship me your tractor, it will save you a bunch of time and think of all the room you will have!
  10. DanPerryy

    Rich's Track Goblin - 09 SS Turbo **TITLED & REGISTERED***

    Great job. It would be great to know the temperature differential between the inter-cooler input and output under full power.
  11. DanPerryy

    Heat exchanger discussion

    And my point was the sinking of the heat that is created in the compression of a gas - air in this case - must be dissipated to ambient. In a track car is does no good to sink the heat temporarily, we need to dissipate the heat to ambient. The closer we can get to having our intake air to...
  12. DanPerryy

    Heat exchanger discussion

    We would pack the HE on a drag car with ice. It needed to be cold for just a few seconds. For our Goblins we need a HE that will dissipate the heat from the compression of the air constantly. With any HE, there will be some rise in temperature from the hot input to the cooler output...
  13. DanPerryy

    Carl's Track Goblin - 05 SS SC donor

    Mine works perfectly, I wonder what is different. You an always come and see me!!!
  14. DanPerryy

    Redlines - 2008 SS TC Goblin build in Mississippi

    The first one is the manifold pressure sensor - not the maf sensor - MAF measures air density.
  15. DanPerryy

    CNCMan's City Ext 07 LS Manual

  16. DanPerryy

    Insurance choices.

    My insurance policy is underwritten by American Modern, 7000 Midland Blvd. Amelia OH 45102-2646 For just my Goblin it is $283 per year.
  17. DanPerryy

    Shadow Lou Racing, street,track,autocross Goblin

    So in both cases, the axle popped out with the suspension bottomed out. From the picture the axle looks level without a load, so as the suspension collapses the axle needs to grow. I wonder if you can reduce the rear track width by remaking a new adapter that moves the rear hub inward the 1/2...
  18. DanPerryy

    Alex and the Extended City Frame - 08 Sport/Automatic Donor

    Wider and narrower seats.
  19. DanPerryy

    Shadow Lou Racing, street,track,autocross Goblin

    Did you build the machined part that drops the lower control arm?
  20. DanPerryy

    Shadow Lou Racing, street,track,autocross Goblin

    Could you post some pictures of both axles showing the mods you made to the suspension. I too would like to drop my car by a couple of inches at some point.