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  1. Oldchevyguy

    An alternative to stock Cobalt parking brake cables

    To those of you that want a parking brake, (with a standard transmission car, why WOULDN'T YOU) there is an alternative to the crummy, rusty, stock cobalt cables that df ont ffg it right anyway. I used the stock cobalt handle assembly and Asbco universal parking brake cables. Made in Canada...
  2. Oldchevyguy

    Are rear inner tie rods supposed to be exposed?

    Just wondering if the kit provided inner tie rods that screw into the toe link rack should be exposed to weather (see picture) ? Normally they would be in the bellows boots.
  3. Oldchevyguy

    Here is how I did the cooling tube

    As suggested by others, I got a 1 1/4 inch J bend to build the right side cooling hose on my SS/SJ (supercharged). The challenge is to make it fit on the pulled through the frame hose, whose inner diameter is about 1 inch. I ordered some 1 inch tube. Got a 4' piece. Cut off 4 inches and welded...
  4. Oldchevyguy

    LsJ owners, how did you build the right engine cooling hose?

    Hi guys. Trying to plumb the cooling hoses on the supercharged 2.0 engine. In particular the passenger side. I've had contact with someone who used a steel pipe to do the curve. I asked where he got the pipe. His response was to look at his build logs, but I cant find mention of where he got it...
  5. Oldchevyguy

    What kind of header did you use?

    My doner came with a long tube style header. I was planning to use it, but it appears to be too long. My doner is a 05 SS/SC. I think it had egr ports in the stock manifold (which I do not have, and wouldn't use anyway). There are small ports next to the big exhaust ports on the head which are...
  6. Oldchevyguy

    05 SS/SC shifter linkage "ball" question

    I am trying to connect my DL cables to the stock (F35?) Transaxle. The provided rod ends fit on the linkage balls (correct diameter), but they do not enter enough to install the wire clips. I tried filing the top of one ball, but so far, that hasn't worked. The rod ends need a more spherical...
  7. Oldchevyguy

    Mounting heat exchanger up high

    So I have decided to mount a heat exchanger above across the top just under the main hoop. My question is to those that have done it this way. DID YOU MOVE THE PLASTIC RESERVOIR UP AS HIGH AS THE CHARGE COOLER? Not sure if its necessary or not. Thanks.
  8. Oldchevyguy

    Hooking up cables on transmission

    Ok, so I tried to search this with no luck. I'm up to the point where I have to hook up the cables on my 05 SS/SC transmission. Which one goes where? They both have the same size balls. (feel free to insert your own joke)
  9. Oldchevyguy

    Another stupid question. Cut plastic shifter housing?

    My doner is an 05 SS/SC. Looking at my shifter, it looks like I have to cut a lot of the front of the housing off to clear the metal ears on the tunnel cover. As always, I searched the forum, but did not find any mention of this. One picture showed a shifer that looked like it fit without...
  10. Oldchevyguy

    Directions for 5 speed manual shifter

    Ok. So I got cables, a trans bracket, and some other tie rods and such. I've been researching this area on the forum. I found a good picture, a front shot. See attached. I have tried to find other information on the subject. There is a lot about others using aftermarket shifters, but I cant...
  11. Oldchevyguy

    Wondering how to install parking brake

    Hi guys. My parking brake parts will arrive next week. Pretty sc soon I will need to install them. I understand how the calipers with the emb cable arms work. My question is more about how to interface the stock SS emb handle and cables in the car. I've read where somone moved the shifter cables...
  12. Oldchevyguy

    What is this thing? Hazzard warning switch?

    I have already wired the button panel. Now I find this thing in the dash harness area, that I marked hazzard switch. But it dosent look like a switch. Wire colors are gray, black, and white, which appears to be cut for some reason. Can anyone help me identify?
  13. Oldchevyguy

    Anyone ever put louvers in the hood?

    Hi. Cant sleep. Excited about this project . Thinking about the fluid mechanics of air coming through the radiator and having no where to go (except down) at high speed. I recently built a Factory five GTM, and put hood louvers on the hood to improve cooling, and to increase down force. The...
  14. Oldchevyguy

    Building extended firewall bulkhead to keep heat out.

    I know df kit car sells something like this, but I would like to build my own. My factory five GTM has an vertical aluminum wall above the toe board to block hot air entering the cockpit. It seals against the hood. Has anyone ever built something like this for a Goblin? Pictures of what you...
  15. Oldchevyguy

    Switched power supply for aftermarket gauges

    Ok, so I'm using aftermarket electric oil pressure and water temperature gauges. Found a spot for them right of the ignition switch. Normally I would grab power from the switch, but I'm not sure that will work on this car. Does anyone know if the power port (cigar lighter) is switched power, or...
  16. Oldchevyguy

    After discovering this writen directions i noticed something i might have done wrong.

    On these writen directions, and pictures, it appears that the top of the radiator is connected to the PASSENGER side hose. I connected it to the DRIVERS side, which I thought is right using pictures send me and such. Which way is right?
  17. Oldchevyguy

    What to do with those two wires?

    Ok, almost done with the harness. Early on, the video instructed to run the two dash dimmer wires over by the BCM. I haven't seen what to do with them. Connect them together? Thanks
  18. Oldchevyguy

    Cant find battery current sensor

    Hi guys. Does a 05 SS/SC have a battery current sensor? I read something about a TC not having one.
  19. Oldchevyguy

    What is the "right" way to orient upright brackets?

    Assembling my front suspension uprights. The newer design steel angle brackets, that effectively are the ball joints (combined with the helm joint and 1/2 bolt), can be oriented many ways. My first thought was to place them with the vertical (shorter) side outside, with the holes facing in. I...
  20. Oldchevyguy

    No front brake pads? Whats the part number?

    Putting together the front brakes. I have rotors and calipers. Am I supposed to have brake pads, or do I supply them? If so, what is the application or part number? Thanks