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  1. AleX1/9

    Bought back my first car....66 Porsche 912

    When I was 15 my parents gave me $2000 to buy my first car. I bought a TURD of a 1966 Porsche 912. I drove it all through high school. I slowly got it to a good driver status and at some point in college tore it apart and prepped it for a paint job. About half way through body work, I find...
  2. AleX1/9

    What cameras are you guys using?

    I tried a ram mount for my phone and the video is major fail. Vibrating and blurry. I want to find a helmet cam or go pro with gps. Can anyone recommend?
  3. AleX1/9

    Is anybody thinking of running coilovers in the rear?

    I like the idea of continuity in a build when it comes to the components used, and I've been thinking of using some QA1 coilover sleeves and springs on the front struts. I also like the idea of being able to tune the suspension with different spring rates, swap-able front to rear. I'll be...
  4. AleX1/9

    AleX1/9's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor - Chassis #18 - WA registered

    I decided to start my build thread as I've acquired a donor. Found on craigslist in Portland, OR about 250 miles from me in Bellingham, WA. Hooked up the trailer and headed down fast as I could! As happens often on craigslist, vehicle was not as described, but good enough to leave with after...
  5. AleX1/9

    Took a risk on an 07 supercharged donor.... help me get it running?

    I found a pretty great deal on an 07 SS supercharged donor after searching for several months on Copart, IAAI, and craigslist far and wide. Catch is, car was wrecked in the front, and doesn't start with the key. The engine fires off great using a jumper wire on the starter relay pins...
  6. AleX1/9

    Question for those who've tackled the wire harness

    I'm in the process of ordering parts for the goblin in anticipation of its arrival sometime over the next few months. I'd like to order some nylon wire loom and fasteners for attaching the harness to the frame. Rather than order a bunch of 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2" sizes I wanted to check here and...
  7. AleX1/9

    06 SS on seattle craigslist $2500

    Kinda high mileage but no bidding hassle Needs clutch too
  8. AleX1/9

    anybody have sub frame mounting bolt measurements / dimensions?

    I'm planning on checking out a potential donor at a local IAAI yard. The front took a substantial hit like many have. Does anybody have the measurements for the front sub frame bolts so I can check if it's still square? Also, does anybody have experience inspecting a vehicle at an IAAI yard...
  9. AleX1/9

    My donor search continues...

    I figured I would start a thread outlining my donor search, updating as I go. I had a $1500 bid in on this 06 SS supercharged model that sold today: Sale price was $1800+ fees assuming the seller accepted (it hadn't met reserve). I...