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  1. Motoracer110

    Axle Boot leaking help

    I have one of my axle boots cracked and leaking grease everywhere just wondering if there is a quick fix or does the whole thing need replaced?
  2. Motoracer110

    Engine Wire Harness Missing MAP Plug thoughts

    Long story short my donor car had a bad engine and the wire harness was in horrible shape as well. I ordered a new turbo crate engine and new OEM motor wire harness direct from GM, but the harness is missing one of the Turbo MAP sensor plugs making me think this harness was not made for turbo...
  3. Motoracer110

    What brake pad size to buy for calipers

    Haha I’ve Been to orileys and autozone and both can’t figure out what size pads go into the goblin supplied calipers when the calipers are still in the box sitting in front of them. Wondering if anyone has those numbers. My goblin does not have the e brake kit
  4. Motoracer110

    Where to hook up gas fill vent and gas tank vent?

    The kit comes with a plastic t that I assume ties the two together, but where are all of you connecting the end of the vent to?
  5. Motoracer110

    What are these upright mounts used for?

    I’m getting close to finishing my build and don’t know what these upright mounts are used for? Thank u
  6. Motoracer110

    Intercooler heat exchanger mounting help

    I tried searching the entire site for photos or instructions how to mount the heat exchanger in the front of the car but can’t find anything The mounts have 2 holes on each side but I only see 1 thread in the frame on each side to screw into. Wondering if anyone can take a few photos or send...
  7. Motoracer110

    Is anyone having to cut down toe link?

    I installed the toe link kit today and it looks like when the adjustment bottoms out the hub is still tilted inward. If I cut about 1” of threads off the rod I would be able to get the back wheels straight. Is anyone else having to do this or is something wrong with my setup?
  8. Motoracer110

    Does the kit come with new rotors?

    Was curious if the kit comes with new rotors? Thank u
  9. Motoracer110

    Is this correct?

    Not sure what this port is called. The check valve was on ridged hose that snapped on my donor. Just wondering if I have the arrow pointing in the right direction and should there be a filter at the other end of the check valve?
  10. Motoracer110

    What control arm bushings to buy?

    I’ve been searching around for control arm bushings and I am not finding any solid metal bushings only see solid rubber bushings. Are you all using the metal or solid rubber bushings? Thank u
  11. Motoracer110

    First start no crank help

    -butterfly openness with gas pedal -boost gauge will not turn on -can’t get gas pump to turn on - there is a slight buzzing where the fuel would enter the engine I ran a jumper connected to the negative on the battery to every ground wire to see if that was the problem no change. I press in the...
  12. Motoracer110

    Question on this engine port

    I’m about ready to start my engine for the first time and have been searching what this port is called, and where it connects? Thank u
  13. Motoracer110

    Just making sure this is the vacuum port on the engine

    I got this new crate motor for the goblin and just wanted to make sure this is the vacuum port that the vacuum hose from the front of the car plugs into. the port in question has a yellow cap in the photo. thank you
  14. Motoracer110

    Is this the wire to go to the Radiator fan?

    I had Lonny and Adam work my wire harness and just wanted to make sure this wire is the power to the radiator fan the wire looks like a faded grey blue wire. its the only one that needs a home and the fan is the only plug i cant find what it goes to. thank you
  15. Motoracer110

    Will stage 1 fit in my truck?

    Hello Im going to make the 12 hr drive down to texas this weekend to pick up stage 1 and was wondering if the kit would fit in the bed of the truck? Ive seen a few people where they tip the cage in the bed and strap it down I just want to be sure this would work toyota tundra extended cab. I do...
  16. Motoracer110

    Question on Bolt Pattern

    still waiting on stage one to be ready and wand to order the wheels. Im going with Konig Tandem wheels and wondering what pattern to buy PCD choices are: 5x100 5x112 5x114.3 thank you for all your help.
  17. Motoracer110

    What engine wire harness to get?

    Hello, I’m going to buy a new engine wire harness for my engine and wondering what option to choose...
  18. Motoracer110

    Quick Tutorial For Turning TC Fuel Pump 180*

    Hopefully this helps anyone struggling like I did with the fuel pump -Compress the fuel pump just a tad and look inside the housing. there is one rod that is pinched to hold the top down and the other rod is not pinched and acts as a guide. -work the rod that is not pinched with channel locks...
  19. Motoracer110

    Main Harness thinning one question

    So far thinning out the wire harness has been enjoyable I almost forgot to sleep last night. The videos have been spot on very easy to understand I did run into one snag in video 10 at 16:08 where he rolls up twisted wires from the onstar plug. I removed all the onstar wires and looking at the...
  20. Motoracer110

    Question thinning out Dash harness

    Im almost done with my Dash harness and in the beginning of the video they trace the blue foil wrapped wires from radio to this 16 pin connector then remove the 16 pin connector without cutting anything. However some of the 16 pin connector wires are going to this white plug and the white...