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  1. RouteAbel

    Ecotec 2.0 turbo engine question

    Can anyone tell me what the red circled threaded hole is for? The ones to the left and right are where the knock sensors attach but I can't figure out what if anything goes into the middle hole. Thank you.
  2. RouteAbel

    Tunnel arrangement

    I'm trying to determine if it matters how I arrange things in the tunnel. The videos seem to indicate putting the brake lines, brake vacuum tube, and wiring harness on the passenger side of the tunnel. That leaves intercooler lines and shift cables on the driver's side. Seems like this will...
  3. RouteAbel

    Turbo wiring questions

    I have an extra set of wires on my Turbo harness. Not sure if this is something I missed removing or if it is specific to the Turbo models. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. @Ark :D Do you remember this plug?
  4. RouteAbel

    RouteAbel's Extended Track Easy Entry - '10SS/TC build

    Well its time to start a build log. I've been lurking for the last year or so but finally underway with my build. Christopher Sanchez spotted a potential donor on Ebay and posted in the classifieds. It looked like what I wanted so I jumped on it. I had a few airline miles to burn so I flew up to...