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  1. Motoracer110

    Axle Boot leaking help

    wow never seen such a thing I think im going to give this a try looks easy
  2. Motoracer110

    Axle Boot leaking help

    I have one of my axle boots cracked and leaking grease everywhere just wondering if there is a quick fix or does the whole thing need replaced?
  3. Motoracer110

    Engine Wire Harness Missing MAP Plug thoughts

    Long story short my donor car had a bad engine and the wire harness was in horrible shape as well. I ordered a new turbo crate engine and new OEM motor wire harness direct from GM, but the harness is missing one of the Turbo MAP sensor plugs making me think this harness was not made for turbo...
  4. Motoracer110

    Wind Screen

    yes outside the bracket. are you using the washers as well?
  5. Motoracer110

    AC Refrigerant

    I am a licensed HVAC contractor for commercial and Residential systems and maybe i can shed some light on coolants. Currently I work with R-22 coolant (the old) and R-410A (the new) coolants in A/C systems. Everyone in my industry talks about Dupont used to own the patent on R-22 and when the...
  6. Motoracer110

    Brian's City Goblin-06/Crate MotorTC

    That will look sweet you’ll have to make a few extra dashes to sell ;)
  7. Motoracer110

    DF Goblin Beginnings - The Story

    Great find and read. I’m glad the gas tank is not in the front anymore :p Will be neat to see where the company is in 10 years.
  8. Motoracer110

    SOLD: Stage 1 + 2 kit, Illusion Red, + 2010 Cobalt SS Turbo donor car 60k miles

    So cool! Great decision jumping fast on this deal. It’s a fun process getting the goblin built. I knew nothing about cars and with the help of this community and YouTube videos everything worked out great!
  9. Motoracer110

    We are screwed here in Florida !

    If there is a will there is a way. I just went through a lengthy 3 month process in my state, first state patrol officer said no way he was going to sign off on my car even if it abides by all the laws in the state. I ended up going to another inspection facility that was way cool very helpful...
  10. Motoracer110

    SOLD: Stage 1 + 2 kit, Illusion Red, + 2010 Cobalt SS Turbo donor car 60k miles

    dang man sad to see a fellow Coloradan sell the kit. Not many goblins over here. If i didnt have the car i have currently i would have jumped on this purchase in a heartbeat. this wont last long thats for sure.
  11. Motoracer110

    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Sign posts look great . I have to readjust mine so my wife can drive the car not looking forward to taking them back out and reinstalling ;)
  12. Motoracer110

    Justin's city extended (09 ss/tc)

    wow thats a ton of hp for that car. my goals for sure
  13. Motoracer110

    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    looks great! good call replacing the clutch. I did as well and it was amazing how worn out the old clutch was. I'll be interested to see if you are able to get your throw-out bearing off pretty easy. those little teeth on the 3 bolts were terrible for me. I ended up stripping 2 of the bolts and...
  14. Motoracer110

    Motoracer Colorado Street Extended - 2009 SS/TC

    I forgot to post this as well I went with this led Headlight in the build. I originally used a cool Chinese made light, but it did not have the DOT stamp so would not pass. these do have the dot stamp and are very...
  15. Motoracer110

    Motoracer Colorado Street Extended - 2009 SS/TC

    thank you ive been very happy with them so far, I'll head over to the spec sheet and update the list as well Front wheels: Konig Tandem 16x7.5 and 5x114.3 bolt pattern 40mm offset Item number TM76514406 Front Tires: Federal SS-595 215/40R16XL 86W BSW Rear Wheels: Konig Tandem 17x9.5 and...
  16. Motoracer110

    Motoracer Colorado Street Extended - 2009 SS/TC

    I was able to get some full car shots so thought I would post them. this is what i sent to the state. cant wait to be able to drive this around.
  17. Motoracer110

    Have no crank, no dash warning lights. Where do i start?

    not sure this would help but here is my no crank problem solved
  18. Motoracer110

    Anks329 - Extended City - '07 LS - #190

    o dang they are on there good then, I did have to let my gun impact for about 10-15 seconds before mine came off
  19. Motoracer110

    Anks329 - Extended City - '07 LS - #190

    looking great! The only way i could get those Axle nuts off is with an electric impact wrench. I got the cheap electric version and worked great. I had a big need to use this in other areas as well. i highly suggest getting one.