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  1. jpr

    Tesla Goblin!

    This has been posted about sporadically in the past, but as of a couple weeks ago there's now a video of the Tesla-powered Goblin running and driving! They claim only 1/4 throttle used and uh... that definitely looks faster than my half-throttle. Hopefully more videos are forthcoming - I...
  2. jpr

    Steel angles bending

    Hey gang, After ~1500 miles and about 3 autocrosses, I noticed one of the steel angles on the bottom of the passenger side steering knuckle was maybe 15 degrees bent from where it should be (as pictured). The bottom of the driver side was maybe 1/3 as bad, but still visibly bent. The tops...
  3. jpr

    2006 Cobalt SS/SC 96k $2000, TX

    Not my listing. Found on FB. This looks like an awesome donor that you could drive home.
  4. jpr

    Permanent install/dash cams

    A couple years ago I installed a dashcam in my daily driver. It's been unobtrusive and pretty reliable, and fortunately I haven't really needed the footage for anything apart from a couple clips for yuks. I'd like to do the same with the Goblin, but the install is going to have drastically...
  5. jpr

    Cobalt SS with rear end damage and 107k - $1100

    Not my ad, I was just irresponsibly browsing for SS's and found what appears to be a perfect Goblin donor. Maybe if I was ready for #2. Located in Green Bay, WI
  6. jpr

    jpr's City Goblin - 07/08 LT donor

    Hey all! Long time listener, second time caller. I first got clued into the Goblin when Adam posted P1 or P2 on reddit a few years ago. I'm more into airplanes than cars, but I definitely like tinkering with all things mechanical. Finally moved into a house with a heated shop over the summer...