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    Re-use of Aftermarket Donor Springs

    I've been trying to find examples of what to do with aftermarket donor parts, specifically springs.... not sure if I am looking in the right corners of the forum though, so here i am to ask. I've two pair of eibach springs stamped 4.9938F, from what i gather in initial research shows that...
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    Another Harness Mistake

    I've adhered to the newer harness series as much as possible as it is more thorough and taken some time to double check the old series too for any thing i might have missed. working with a naturally aspirated manual should make things straight forward I thought... some things were, thanks to...
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    SwerveMonkey's Street Goblin - 08 Donor

    I have always dreamed of building a real car from the ground up... this seems to be the most attainable way to do that. I bought the donor and jumped head long into the process of stripping it down with the exceptional challenge of working in a tiny one car garage in suffolk county NY. at this...