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  1. ZacMaster

    2019 Naked 2.4L NA Goblin for Sale...Kansas Street Legal

    Hello, everyone. It's time to make room in the garage for the next project, so I'm listing my Gobin (Chassis #131) for sale. Registered in Kansas. ~122k miles on the engine. I'm asking for exactly what I put into it: $14,419.19. Highlights: City, Extended Frame Option, Powdercoat...
  2. ZacMaster

    Part number for clip retaining brake pedal post and mast cylinder pushrod?

    Hello, everyone. After my long drive on Sunday, I noticed the pushrod to the master cylinder was almost separated from the brake pedal post. I must have lost (or forgotten) the clip. Does anyone know the part number for this clip? I can find lots of GM retaining clips for brake light sensor...
  3. ZacMaster

    Theory Vs. Reality

    Here’s my finished naked goblin... Here’s how my wife describes it to other people:
  4. ZacMaster

    5-pt harness shoulder mounting, bar or bracket?

    I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to use the crossbar to mount my 5-pt harness shoulder straps (even though Corbeau sent metal brackets for the shoulders). But then what are these brackets and four holes for?
  5. ZacMaster

    Shifter Rigging, need help.

    I’m having a little trouble with shift cable rigging. As you can see below, I have the cables laying at exactly half of their travel and the ball ends are about 1/2” too far aft to meet the bellcranks (which are rigged vertically right now). The second picture shows that I’ve scooted the cable...
  6. ZacMaster

    Radiator hardware, is this extra?

    I have the radiator rubber isolator studs in the radiator, so all I should need are a couple washers and the nylocks. What are the bolts for? This was everything in the radiator hardware bag:
  7. ZacMaster

    Axles seated?

    Do I need to tap these in another 1/4”?
  8. ZacMaster

    Tie rod ends replace steering rack ends or go on rear?

    Was I supposed to use the provided tie rod ends on the rear? I replaced my steering rack ends with them, but I’m thinking that wasn’t correct. They are now long gone.
  9. ZacMaster

    Which hose for fuel line?

    2.4 NA with a fuel filter. These parts were supplied. The tube goes into my fuel filter and the other fitting attaches to my fuel rail. But when I get my nylon tube out, it doesn’t fit over the barb. I saw somewhere else that Lonny said the nylon 12 was used for the fuel line, but I...
  10. ZacMaster

    Anyone now what this is?

    Looks like a coat hanger?
  11. ZacMaster

    2nd O2 sensor?

    The videos say to cut out the second o2 sensor as a spare, so I removed the connector from my power train harness. Now I see my df exhaust muffler has a port for it (in addition to my stock header having a port. Should I reinstall the connector (if I have it?) or plug one of the ports (either on...
  12. ZacMaster

    Need help finding a part number for ignition coil pack bolt washer/gasket...

    Good morning, everyone. While removing my valve cover, I misplaced one of the washers/gaskets that snaps into the valve cover to receive the ignition coil bolt. It kind of looks like this (I have the bolt, but not the gasket-ed washer thingy. Does anyone have a part number for these...
  13. ZacMaster

    Any advice on dirty engine internals?

    Pulled off the valve cover last night and found it’s pretty dirty in there. I have ZERO experience cleaning engines. Any easy ways I can clean some of this stuff up? Wait till it’s running then cycle a lot of oil through? Brake cleaner and immediate drain? Won’t do anything without...
  14. ZacMaster

    Should I keep and reinstall my heat shields?

    Dear goblin community, I have three heat shields that have come off my 2.4L NA. I would love to omit them, but kinda think I should install them in the goblin. What say you? One goes over the header, one protects the driveshaft, and one protects the rear transmission mount. Thoughts?
  15. ZacMaster

    Capping of wires later in the "Reorg Wire Harness Videos"...why not remove?

    Later in the harness reorganization videos, there are a few wires that end up getting capped. Why not trace those back and cut them out? I know they don't weigh much, but the tiny part of me that has OCD wants to get rid of them....
  16. ZacMaster

    I think I cut out my master cylinder wire...needed?

    When I was removing my anti skid brake connector, my master cylinder wire also came out. I didn’t remember specifically cutting this out, but I notice that I’m still supposed to have one in the build videos. Do I need to solder it back in?
  17. ZacMaster

    Need help identifying connectors

    Need help with these: 1) Near bcm: 2) rear of car, left side harness 3) two matching of these, truck lid rear lights? 4) engine compartment some wires already removed: 5) Matching connectors either side of mid car near bcm. 6) engine compartment
  18. ZacMaster

    Can anyone help me label these three connectors?

    Can anyone help me label these three connectors? They are just under the oil filter on my 2.4 NA.
  19. ZacMaster

    Dash Harness Sticky.

    Just thinned out the dash harness. (Could have worked on rear end disassembly, but it’s 6degF in the garage, so an inside project sounded nice.) this is so fun. Accidentally cut out the remote key sensor/receiver. It’s not mentioned on the videos. Did I screw up? I kept the fog lamp switch...
  20. ZacMaster

    What to do with Donor shell if I have to keep the title for registering the Goblin?

    The Kansas tag office said I needed the salvage title (although it could be signed over to me...not necessarily in my name) to register the Goblin once complete. However, all the scrapyards I've talked to require me to hand over the title (or junk certificate, but then Kansas won't let me use...