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  1. dperkins

    Radiator Hose Routing: Intake on Top or Bottom?

    I am ready to route my radiator hoses and connect them to the radiator. I have done research on the best way to route it, but have not found anything more than a few posts. Lonny said to put the intake (drivers side) on the top of the rad to eliminate air pockets, which hampers the ability to...
  2. dperkins

    California Registration

    Hi guys! I have been working on building my goblin and also working out the kinks like registration and insurance. As far as I am concerned, CA is one of the worst places to register a kit car or any modified car in general. Here are a few extra things that it turns out I need for the goblin...
  3. dperkins

    Selling Leftover and Unused Parts

    Im having a hard time selling all the old body panels and parts I won't be using like the brakes or wheels and tires. Where did everyone sell their parts?
  4. dperkins

    Track Day Monster 2009 SS/TC Track Frame

    Hello people of the internet! This is my build log of my 2009 SS/TC on a track frame. I am pretty sure I will be using this as a nearly 100% dedicated track racer with CA road legality to be able to once in a while drive on the backroads. I am aiming for about 400WHP to keep up/beat the Ariel...
  5. dperkins

    Wheels and Tires for TC Goblin

    Hello all, A few weeks ago I put in my order for a TC goblin frame for both street and track use, but most likely it will be a nearly 100% dedicated track car. I am in the painful process of trying to find wheels and tires for a track set and a on road set as well. So far I have found some...