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  1. aaronbuley

    Cars and Cigars Frisco, TX

    I'm headed to Cars and Cigars Frisco meetup today with my Chassis 136 Goblin. Will let y'all know how it goes and post some pics. It's this am from 945 to noon.
  2. aaronbuley

    Copart deals you might want to see
  3. aaronbuley

    clutch stuck down + no pressure

    having trouble bleeding the clutch. here's the situation... would love your thoughts.
  4. aaronbuley

    Brake Clips

    Stupid question... I’ve changed a number of brake pads but somehow missed this little guy. What’s it for and where does it go? Anti rattle? Outboard pad somehow?
  5. aaronbuley

    Control Arm Spare Parts?

    Anybody have a spare bolt/bracket? I’d love to buy it.
  6. aaronbuley

    Turbo location (2015 engine)

    My engine/turbo are a 2015 and I just got it mounted... is this turbo position normal? Guessing I’ll need to rotate it to get the charge pipes connected? Not super clear from this angle, but the turbo points right at that crossbar.
  7. aaronbuley

    2 Radiator Questions

    1: One of the locking discs to hold the fan to the radiator was defective. Does anyone have a part number to order a spare? I couldn’t find it online. 2: The build video shows the radiator hoses one way but I’ve seen it documented the opposite as well. Which way is right? Does it really...
  8. aaronbuley

    Ignition switch doesn’t fit

    What am I doing wrong here?
  9. aaronbuley

    How to remove the clutch?

    It appears to be spot welded to the dash. I’m guessing I don’t get a new one with the kit. What did y’all do to remove it?
  10. aaronbuley

    Transmission Cables Won’t Come Off

    Video says to pull them off. Stuck. This is the last thing I need to do before dropping the engine. This is an 09 SS/TC Manual. Thoughts?
  11. aaronbuley

    Turbo Wiring

    Any suggestions on how to remove this plug? Not coming off easy and don’t want to break it. Just pull harder??
  12. aaronbuley

    Removing refrigerant

    How did you guys do it? I’ve called 50 different places and nobody wants to come out and do it. I’m wishing I had done it before I started taking it apart. I don’t have an empty canister to put it in.
  13. aaronbuley

    09 SS/TC Axel Nut

    It’s larger than 30mm on mine. Haven’t figured out what exactly yet. Everything I read says 30mm but it’s not. I have up to 32mm for my impact wrench but even that won’t fit. Do y’all know what it is so I can order the right size for my impact wrench?
  14. aaronbuley

    Sway bar trouble

    Working on tear down and the nuts for the sway bar attachment just spin. Don’t come off. What can I do?
  15. aaronbuley

    Aaron Buley's Street (Extended) Goblin #136 - 09 SS/TC donor

    After a lot of looking around for donors, I just couldn't wait anymore and bought an 09 SS/TC in Nashville, TN ($6K) and drove it home to Dallas last week. I started the tear down this week. It's moving surprisingly quick for having never done anything like this before... other than some...
  16. aaronbuley

    Parts List for TC builds

    Is there a documented list of all the parts you get through the stages for the TC build?
  17. aaronbuley

    Turbo Model Year Differences 08 vs 09 vs 10

    Are there any major advantages to an '09 or '10 vs a 2008 SS? I'm looking at picking up a donor that's an 08, but don't want to miss something I wish was in there that the 09 or 10 has.