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    SwerveMonkey's Street Goblin - 08 Donor

    with safety glasses, steel toe boots, and a hard hat.......... ;)

    Donor motor choices

    6 speed?

    Roof idea

    Nothing is cheap for a slingshot. $2495!! ouch.... It looks a lot like your drawing, Tyler.

    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    if it only had the Red Bull logo on it!!!!!........ ;)

    Front End Heim Joints

    Is this going to be the squeak solution once and for all????? Before and after report, please.

    2.8 Turbo V6 with F40 from a Saab 9-3

    Just two words......... Justin Reed.....

    WYGoblin's Extended City Frame Goblin - 08 SS/TC

    EVERY TIME I see a Cobalt on the road, I think "Hmmmm maybe a Goblin one day...." :)

    Transmission drain plug washer

    definitely get all that resolved before mounting the engine. After mounted, the transmission plugs are VERY close to the subframe.

    Any Austin, TX owners that visit the Driveway track?

    In You think Bill D will let non alumni on though?
  10. JBINTX

    Alex and the Extended City Frame - 08 Sport/Automatic Donor

    Congrats!!! Driveway Austin is a great little private track. Justin JSATX has been there as well.
  11. JBINTX

    Desert Sasqwatch Track Extended - 08 SS/TC LNF F40

    that is true!
  12. JBINTX

    Texas anti-wang club meet

    Second official meetup here in Houston today. Technically out in Waller at the cool kid's house again.... Russel and I gave two prospective builders a ride around the countryside. One of Russel's friends filled in as "chase car" for some video. Two Goblins and a Shelby 427 Cobra (kit car)...
  13. JBINTX

    Desert Sasqwatch Track Extended - 08 SS/TC LNF F40

    It is indeed heavy. But it is not just supporting the engine. My guess is all the forces from the wheel ends end up being carried by the subframe back into the vehicle. When you have multiple forces acting in different planes/directions, you have to add up all those force components in the...
  14. JBINTX

    Ark's City Goblin #187 (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Jeremy, there are a whole bunch of out here rooting for you! Get 'er done!!! :)
  15. JBINTX

    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Sorry we did not get to make it down there today. With you and Scott and Bill, we are gonna be swarming the locals soon..... :)
  16. JBINTX

    Any Austin, TX owners that visit the Driveway track?

    Always fun getting out in a Goblin...... :) A pleasure getting to meet you. Hope you can find a donor soon.
  17. JBINTX

    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Congrats!!!!! Welcome to the club! The Houston Goblin contingency just doubled its size. Come on you other Houston guys!!!!
  18. JBINTX

    Kenny and Ashleys extended city goblin- 08 SS TC DONOR #218

    you are only 46 pages away............ :0
  19. JBINTX

    Not Goblin related ( Husky Air Compressor connecting rod)

    Are they extending into an oil bath below it? If so, splashing a little oil up and around?
  20. JBINTX

    Front End Heim Joints

    please post pics of this when done!