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  1. CncMan333


    Is it possible to have a section on the website where those great and mighty among us who have completed a goblin can have place to put a bunch of pictures of their final product? That would be a great way to see some of the options that different people have chosen and how it looks all together.
  2. CncMan333

    CNCMan's City Ext 07 LS Manual

    Off to a slow start. Got the donor last month and had to make some room for it. Stage 1 and 2 should be here within 2 weeks, so It's time to tear the donor up to make room for it. I will be posting pictures and updates along with questions as they pop up, but I think we have a pretty good...
  3. CncMan333

    Video contents

    In order to be able to find certain things in the videos I decided to make a content list by video and time stamp. This is kinda a work in progress since some areas are more general than others, but I thought some of you may find it useful. Video 1 – Every Goblin starts with a Cobalt donor...
  4. CncMan333

    Florida Registration

    I am a long way from this step myself, but I have heard of several people contemplating registration in the sunshine state. I got this from DMV folks who seemed to be in an unusually helpful and friendly disposition. :) These are the forms and requirements needed.
  5. CncMan333

    New here, now for the donor search....

    Hello all, I am in Florida and I am looking forward to getting going on what I hope will be a fun and rewarding build. My preference is toward a fairly straightforward build with either a 2.4 natural aspirated or a supercharged setup. So my search begins - I thought I had a line on a 06 GT...