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    ZZP stage 1 MAP sensor upgrade

    I am preparing to flash an upgraded tune to my ECU. First time and getting some help from anther builder. The tune assumes the MAP sensors are the upgraded 3 bar version. I got them from ZZP. I swapped out the sensor in the intake tube. It looked the same as the old one and the four prong...

    Engine heat management

    Many builders have been addressing heat management on their Goblin builds. I know those out in Arizona are taking some extreme measure to mitigate it (Sasquatch, Tim). I thought I would open up a thread to aggregate some thoughts and opinions. Some of the guys with more track time have some...

    ENGINE ICE Coolant

    Does anyone have any experience with a coolant product called "Engine Ice"? Just heard about it. It claims to allow your engine coolant to run up to 20 degrees colder. Not completely sure of all the claims other than that. Maybe it is thermally more efficient than a 50/50 regular mix? I...

    oil separator

    So there are plenty of references to the build up of carbon and gunk on the intake valves. Several videos are available about walnut blasting and such. Of course, the emission restrictions drove many of the systems that did not exist on engines years ago. I think we are all deleting the EVAP...

    tool list

    I searched for a tool list and have not found one, yet. I know that the majority of the tools needed are normal, standard sizes. But, there are some outliers that I have come across already like - 35mm socket for my axle nut, fuel line connector release tool, T50 Torx socket, etc. I know some...


    I stumbled on this info from back in January 2018. Is this still what is suggested? @Lonny Front Ride height: set to where the lower control arm is level to the ground with you (and a passenger) in it Toe: +.15 degree (toe in) Camber: -1.5 degrees Caster: 8.5 degrees Rear Ride height...

    TC / SC clutch upgrades

    I have read some varied build threads regarding clutch replacements and upgrades. They seem to be all over. I thought it might be worth while to get some more recent input as to details that would be a guide to do a clutch upgrade. I know that ZZP offers several good options. Any other...

    Bed Liner Paint

    It seems all the frames have been painted some unbelievably beautiful colors. The flake and illusion types are really gorgeous. In recent years, there have been some custom flat paint jobs on vehicles. At first, I thought it was ugly. Now, it has grown on me a little. And then, I have...

    TC A/C delete accessory belt length or part number?

    On the turbo charged engine, you can completely delete the A/C compressor. What is the part number for the shorter belt then needed?
  10. JBINTX

    Dropping the engine with no lift lugs

    The old saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat". Now all you old timers / experts (who are way smarter than me), don't give me a hard time here. :) I barely know one way. The video series for stripping shows the engine with lift lugs. That makes life real easy to hook up an...
  11. JBINTX

    radiator drain drip

    I drained the radiator today stripping the donor. I have never liked the little plastic drains. I closed mine up after emptying the coolant only to find it still dripped - and not even under pressure or hot. I unscrewed it completely, wiped off the seal, tried to blow some air up to clear any...
  12. JBINTX

    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    Day one today. Had a local guy vacuum the refrigerant out of the AC system. 82k on the car. Everything is working well. Really good shape donor. Except the stupid turn signal switch. Hope they fired the engineer who designed it. Oh well, Rock Auto will like to sell me one surely. Spent a...
  13. JBINTX

    A/C refrigerant

    I started watching the first few videos for stripping the donor. Should I have the A/C refrigerant removed prior starting?
  14. JBINTX

    Mazda Miata J32 swap

    I mentioned that my son and I had installed an Acura V6 into a 91 Miata. Thought I would share a few pics of that here. We used the Mini-tec swap kit. This was our first real deep dive into something like this. Went well for the most part. Still have several lingering details to clean up...
  15. JBINTX

    Newbie in Texas

    Hey All! Day one for me. Bought a running donor. Will be deciding the details for my Goblin kit order soon. I have really enjoyed following the forum for a few months. Great community here. I am in Houston, Texas. I visited Lonnie and Adam a month or so ago. Sealed the deal when Lonnie gave me...