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    Powder Coating

    Those of you that powder coated your chassis, what other accessories did you have done as well? Do people powdercoat the billet aluminium pieces (steering knuckles, upgraded rear suspension mounts, intercooler, etc.) Thinking about having the floor pan, firewall, and rear control arms done in...
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    Wiring Harness Tools

    I'll be working on my wiring harness here in the up coming weeks (08 SS Turbo) Looking for recommendations on tools / nice to haves when doing the harness. Saw that WireCare.com has a bunch of stuff. How many of what size heat shrink and other things are needed...
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    Car Runs Without Fuel Pump Relay

    disassembling the donor and I removed the fuel pump relay and fuse but the car continues to run? Ideas why? Safe to remove the fuel line anyway?
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    PyroGuy's 2008 SS Build - #208

    Just picked up a 2008 SS from IAA in Tuscon, AZ and had it shipped to Cincinnati, OH. Still need to order my kit but looking to get the standard chassis, full cage, and full door bars. Going to be a few weeks before I start teardown but I wanted to do something so I decided to give...