Brian's City Goblin-06/Crate MotorTC


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I couldn’t stay in, I got out when Obama ruined the military. I have always been into designing stuff since the 1st grade, I never liked wood, but found my calling with metal. I have a side business now fabricating skid plates, it takes a long time to perfect each part. I was drawing to drafting and CAD in high school, but found cardboard design with solid mock up to test parts best.

I got super lucky with a full time AGR National Guard gig.

I call it CADAD, lol.

I will CAD a part, print it out on paper, and spray mount it to cardboard. Being able to have at least a cardboard piece allows you to see fitment and aesthetics three dimensionally. Then, if any changes are due, you can mark right on the cardboard. I seriously need to find a cardboard distributor that sells a cardboard stock with similar thickness to 16/18 gauge steel.


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I ask people I used to work with for 4x5 foot sheets of cardboard I use for that, thickness isn’t correct, but it is mighty helpful not having creases and a large canvas is very useful. I have made frames out of wood to see a design and play with it to make sure it works.
All that being said, I have no experience with sheet metal, but I do have a metal brake, I could easily adjust it and fit a pipe or something to it to roll edges instead of hard corners