Not for sale anymore.


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Not sold yet. I actually have an autocross with it in four weeks, so can't be sold until after.

To answer your question, it depends on the state. If the state needs everything including donor title, I don't have that. I doubt I'll get it back from Wisconsin DMV. I plan to go Montana route with it, and will work with Adam to get a fresh MCO to streamline the process. I would definitely sell to an interested individual, but I understand being an un-titled car how that might scare some away.


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Sorry to nag - I'm still curious how Wisconsin took away your title/registration. I live in the Waukesha area. Did state patrol pull you over and question the validity of the title and ultimately revoke it? Their only issue was that it didn't replicate a vehicle >20 years old?


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It didn't replicate a Lotus Seven close enough.

My goblin, and all others I know of in WI are titled as replica Lotus Sevens. The statute is super broad, so the inspectors get to determine what constitutes an appropriate replica. A Caterham Seven is definitely a replica, but to inspector Duane Schultz, a Goblin is not.

The whole problem is a replica title doesn't require an inspection. If it did, all Goblins would get caught up in inspection before ever getting titled. They way it is set up now, the state has to find them, schedule an inspection, then pull them off the road.

Many states have a kit car/home built process to get a title. The catch in WI is the car must follow all FMVSS for the year it is titled. That's nearly impossible. That law changed in 96 I believe, so there's lots of cars grandfathered in.

In short, a lobby group created a loop hole to get a title, and the state patrol is tasked to close the loop on each vehicle.

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I knew you Goblin folks would be having trouble trying to liken it to the Lotus Seven.

The Lotus seven type started in the 1950's, and was built by Lotus until 1974. The rights were sold to Caterham and they have been the " real Lotus seven" since. Caterham had been a seven kit builder and dealer for a long time and that's probably why they received the rights to build it totally. All others, such as my Birkin S3 and Stalker V6 are replicas - as well as nearly 40 other companies that have produced a kit. Westfield was to close to the true deal that Caterham sued them - there is a pre-litigation model and the one after the litigation a continuation. Birkin in South Africa - now Colorado - was also sued by Caterham.

The trooper may have been a SCCA member or has attended auto cross and the SCCA road races and just knew about it.

Some states have adopted the SEMA laws about kit type cars, but probably most have not.

Like in Illinois - no tube frame cars for street? I know of one that made it through, but then the owner moved to Indiana. He drove it naked framed in Illinois with tags before putting the body panels on.

I would try and be mean as I could and go to court. I probably would not win, but my evidence would be a section of A, B, C pillars, the cradle frame from the Cobalt and ask the judge - is this not a tube type constructed vehicle? Are all the cars tagged and legal in Illinois (insert state) not constructed like this? Then why is the Goblin not similar enough to be legal? Also, I read nothing in the Illinois state requirements that mentioned a frame type construction. What I read - was it met the requirements for a specially constructed vehicle in what is posted in their DMV rules books.

Best wishes to all of you in this area of car building. God speed!! Complete your journeys.

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Do the Montana thing and then drive it to your hearts content. If they pull you over, too bad, you're legal in the state it is licensed within and you own a 'company' in Montana. Officer (not)Friendly can make any allegations he would like. If you get a citation take him to court and teach him a legal lesson. :p

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I agree, Montana is a legal loophole/alternative and there's TONS of YouTube videos on exotics that have Montana plates because their state (IE California) is too restrictive.

If you want to keep your goblin and your state is your only road block, go Montana. It's like 850 bucks or so and then under a hundred or so a year after in small upkeep fees.