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Hi all, new member here. I learned about DF kit car a few years back and have been wanting to build one ever since. I own a 2008 cobalt SS/TC and I’m the only owner since new, so I know it’s been taken care of. It continues to be my daily driver though and just passed 118,000 miles. I’m finally ready to get a new daily driver but I imagine the cobalt will get another 5-10k miles on it before I were to start the build process. I’m pretty confident it would be a good donor, but thought I would ask the community if there is anything I should look out for with that many miles? Look forward to hearing from the community.

P.S. If there is anyone in the Tucson area with a completed goblin I would love to check it out.



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Bet you never thought “one day, I will tear every nut and bolt out of this car and strip it down to a carcass,” when you were buying that car. Welcome!


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I would say if there's any rust concerns then some folks have had issues dropping the subframe. If the captive nuts for the rear subframe mounts break free, then you would have to cut a hole in the floor to loosen them, but that's not a huge deal on a shell you're scrapping. Other than that nothing else really comes to mind, but I'm sure others will chime in.


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Unless you have any reservations from the engine/trans, you have one of the best doners out there. You know everything about it and it’s a SS/sc.

I would do a final maintenance check and get ready to tear it down.