Super soft brakes


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Did you reuse the front rotors in the back? If so Lonny could be right and you just need to get the pads worn into the old rotor. New pads on old rotors feels soft for a hot minute.
No I got all new pads and rotors but mind you I havent driven the car yet and maybe it is normal. Idk. I'm gonna just drive it and see how it feels. What else can I do ya know... thank you.


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To me, GM brakes always feel a little spongy compared to others, so if you aren't used to GM brakes they may not feel right to you.

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'Easy to push' is mostly from the 10 inch dual diaphragm brake booster, which is far more assist than needed for the Goblin. Plus the small piston diameter in the stock Cobalt brake master cylinder generates a lot of line pressure which compounds the 'soft' feel and easy locking of the brakes.


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Just an update. I have come to the conclusion that brakes are perfect. Just the feeling of this brake system is soft. I drive a lifted rubicon as my daily so compared to that its quite different.