Turbo intercooler plumbing


Goblin Guru
Make sense to me. I don't think the water temps will ever get much above ambient temperature for street driving. I've seen my IAT2 temps get up to 130+ degrees. Even at that temp, I don't see a gallon of coolant heating up that much after a few seconds of full throttle. It might be a little different on the track, however.

Desert Sasqwatch

Goblin Guru
These pumps will typically operate with 180-210 degree water on the 'hot' side or 120-140 degree water (on a really cold day) on the 'cold' side in an engine cooling system. The intercooler fluid will be in the 120-140 range at most if you run it on the 'hot' side - counter clockwise in the diagram - and would be well within the pump normal temperature range.