ZZP F40 Clutch and Flywheel Kit...practically new for sale....$300


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Selling F40 Clutch and Flyweel assembly that is practically new. Was purchased from ZZP as part of the F40 conversion kit and had it in my 2020 DF Goblin kit car...only has approx 40 total Autocross runs on the assembly. Going to the F40 race clutch since my Goblin is not street legal and will be racing only. Clutch is in perfect condition and worked as designed...going race clutch while I have engine/car disassembled for winter upgrades.

This assembly is for a LSJ with Regal transmission. Can send Pics to email address upon request...just message me.

As a data point....Price new for dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly from ZZP is over $700. Save substantial $$’s here!

I have this for sale on Cobalt SS Parts (FB) for $450, but for a Goblin Builder, will go $300 plus actual UPS Ground shipping charges. Less than 1/2 the new price from ZZP.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

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