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Aaron, where have you been? Haven't heard much from you lately, hope everything is okay with you and the family. Anything new with the Goblin?
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I see him post on Twitter some, so he is still kicking.
Hey! So excited someone else is close by!!!!!!
Here is my info so we can talk off line on things not worth posting on the forum.

Jason Backs
15103 Runbell Place
Houston, TX 77095
Are you happy with your shifter?
Was it an easy mod?
Easily repeatable?
What do you think was the extra cost / time?
KJP, I'm late to the DF Goblin site and live outside Columbus. Were you able to get your Goblin registered in OH, and did you have to jump through any special hoops to get it done?
June 30th, drove it for it's first real drive, downtown for ice cream.
July 11th, put on the wide tires.
Aug 24th, first autocross
Aug 28th, replaced timing chain tensioner & chain guide bolt.
Sept 18th, replaced wheel bearings, thicker rod end mounts.
Sept 30th, added AEM air fuel guage, so I can use HP Tuners.
Oct 7th, got dragy. Precision butt dyno. 0-60 is 4.2 seconds
Hello BaltimoreHokie, I was told to reach out to you for information on getting car registered in Montana. I tried Illinois where i live followed there process and no go. I'm getting this registered one way or another!! Please help me if you can. John, 618-420-6015
Hello XJLIFE, My name is Steve Meyer and I live in Hixton, WI. I just joined the Forum and I am planning to build a Gobin using a SS TC. Any chance I could look at yours and hear about your build experience? Thanks, Steve
Hello. I,m running into same problem. my donor does not have any twisted wires. How did you solve this?
John W.
hey JW, When I saw I didnt have those twisted wires I tried asking Lonny at Goblin what is going on and he explained that some of the models have different wiring. I felt completely lost when he told me that and i ended up spending the money to have them Finnish the harness.
Great. I was afraid of that. So close and now this. Thanks for getting back to me on this. John W.
Chad, thanks for putting this ride together in Missouri, unfortunately I won't be ready yet. A real bummer, was really looking forward to it, it's a great riding area. Hopefully something similar can be done next year or even in this fall, maybe more of us will have our kit cars done. I'm making some progress, but it's slow going.