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Current lead time for a full kit is 11-12 weeks.
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Purchasing the Kit

Order and pay in stages or all at once?

Ordering in stages can help you spread your budget over whatever time period works for you. Getting the kit delivered in stages can also keep a small workspace from becoming cluttered with extra parts.

  • Stage 1 - Chassis, control arms, brake lines, fuel tank, radiator and enough hardware to install and start your donor engine.
  • Stage 2 - Suspension, brakes, steering and enough hardware to get the car on its tires and driving.
  • Stage 3 - Body panels, lights and other final touches.

You'll pay for each stage as you become ready for it and you'll receive the parts as you pay for each stage.

Choose Stages or Full Kit:

You'll pay $750 today. The rest of the kit purchase will be broken up into 3 stages.

You'll pay $1,250 today. The rest of the kit purchase will be paid and shipped all at once when the kit is ready.


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Donor Selection

The Goblin kit is compatible with any version of the Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5.

Using any other donor will be very difficult and will require custom work from you.

You have to purchase your own donor car. Salvage base model Cobalts can be purchased for less than $1,000 from Copart.com or Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. You can occasionally find good deals on Craigslist as well. SS donors can be considerably more expensive than base model donors and are harder to find.

If you'd like help finding a donor in your area, please contact us by email: [email protected].

Choose donor trim:

The Goblin kit you purchase from DF Kit Car will need to match the donor you choose to go with. Please select the donor you will be using so that we can provide the right kit hardware.

Manual, SS/SC and SS/TC kits cost more because they come with extra pieces to work with your donor. This additional price is not the price for a donor. You will buy that on your own.

Donor selection can not be changed after your chassis has been welded out.

Adds manual shifter linkages, custom shifter cables, clutch line and other manual shifter hardware.

Adds manual shifter linkages, custom shifter cables, clutch line, other manual shifter hardware, upgraded 2.5 inch exhaust, heat exchanger, heat exchanger plumbing, rear brake calipers and rotors.

Adds manual shifter linkages, custom shifter cables, clutch line, other manual shifter hardware, upgraded 3 inch turbo exhaust, heat exchanger, heat exchanger plumbing, air to water intercooler with plumbing, charge pipes with silicone elbows, turbo specific fuel tank, rear brake calipers and rotors.

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Chassis Selection

Goblin Chassis Info

The chassis is fully welded before it is delivered so you do not need to weld anything. We also predrill all of the floor and firewall rivet holes so that you do not have to drill them yourself.

The chassis is shipped out uncoated (bare steel). It is normal for there to be very light surface rust especially near the welds. This rust is easily dealt with by media blasting the frame before it gets powdercoated. If you plan to paint the frame, you will need to blast or lightly sand the rust before painting.

Choose chassis length:

The chassis is available in two lengths. The standard length chassis is good for drivers up to 6'2" tall. The extended length chassis adds 4 inches to the length and 2 inches to the height.

Choose cage style:

The chassis is available with or without a full cage over the cockpit. The open cage configuration is great for cruising. The full cage configuration provides more protection.

Choose door bar style:

The upper door bars can be reconfigured to make the car easier to climb in and out of. The full door bar provides more protection and makes a great arm rest while in the car. The easy entry door bars leave space open to make stepping into the car easier.

Scroll up to the line drawing to see your changes.

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Optional Equipment

Any of the below options can be added to the order now or can be purchased later. These options can even be purchased after you've finished assembling your kit.

Click or tap the options you want:

Body Panels and More

Lights and Mirrors

Cockpit and Interior Options

Performance Options

Other Options

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Order Summary

Important Information


Registration varies by state. Check with your state to make sure you can register the Goblin for road use.

DF Kit Car will provide you with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin that matches the serial number plate attached to your chassis. You will use this document along with receipts for your donor equipment and other parts to prove ownership when registering the car.

Kit Delivery

Estimated lead times can change due to demand and variable production times.

Kits shipped by freight will need to be sent to a business address that can receive a semi and must have a fork lift to unload the crate. If you do not have a suitable business address to receive the kit, your freight shipment will be delivered to the nearest freight terminal and you will pick up the crate from there. At the terminal they will load the crate onto your trailer or large box truck.

Kits picked up at our location will be subject to Texas sales tax (8.25%).

Order Summary

Item Price
Goblin Kit Base Price $6,800
Donor Selection
Donor is not included with the kit.
Automatic Base/Sport Kit $0
Chassis Selection
Standard Length $0
Open Cage $0
Full Door Bars $0
Optional Equipment
None Selected $0
Order and Pay in Stages ---
Pick Up at DF Kit Car ---
Crating Fee $400
Total Price (not including shipping)
Payment Breakdown
Stage 1 Payment (includes crate fee) $6,750
Stage 2 Payment $6,750
Stage 3 Payment $6,750
Final Payment (Due before kit ships) $6,750

Kits picked up at our location will be subject to Texas sales tax (8.25%).

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