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The best way to order your Project 324 kit is here on the website using the order form below. You will be able to select the kit you want and provide us with the information we need to produce your kit.

The only payment due today is the deposit for the kit. You will pay the remainder and the shipping cost before your kit ships.


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Choose to receive your kit uncoated, coated black or coated with a custom color. More info »

By default, the basic kit is shipped uncoated. This means the tube chassis and control arms will be bare steel and you will need to paint them or have them coated yourself.

If you'd like for us to have the parts powder coated, select from the options above. Gloss black is the standard powder coat color. For custom colors you will need to provide the color code from Prismatic Powders.

Go with the base 7.6 inch open differential or upgrade to an 8.6 LSD rear end. Various gear options are available for the 8.6 rear ends. More info »

By default, all kits include the 7.6 inch differential from the Gen 5 V6 automatic Chevrolet Camaro. It is an open differential with 3.27 gears.

Upgrade to a stronger rear end with a limited slip diff by selecting one of the 8.6 inch options. The 8.6 inch rear end is available with used OEM 3.27 and 3.45 gears.

All differentials include a 1 year warranty. See our terms for details.

Kits with the 7.6 inch rear end include new OEM V6 auto axles. The kits with one of the 8.6 rear end options include new custom axles.

The price to ship your kit depends on how far you are from our location: zip code 75154. More info »

Use Google Maps to find the distance between your zip code and ours: 75154. Use that distance to select the correct range from the dropdown.

The shipping price includes crate, packing, handling and freight to your address. The delivery vehicle will have a liftgate to unload the kit for you.

We will communicate with you before the kit ships to make sure you can be ready for its arrival.

We need to know the year model of your Slingshot to make sure the Project 324 kit fits properly.

Compatibility with the 2020 2.0 liter Slingshot has not been confirmed yet. Check back soon for updates.

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Item Price
Basic Kit $5,599
Uncoated $0
Color Code: N/A --
7.6 in | Open | Used OEM 3.27 Gears $0
Ship under 750 miles $350
Early model: 2015-2016 --
Total Price $5,949
Payment Breakdown
Deposit (due today) $1,000
Final Payment $4,949

Current shipping time is 6-8 weeks.

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