The Project 324 kit makes it easy to convert your Slingshot from 3 to 4 wheels.

  • Launch harder off the line with two wheels putting down the power.
  • Stop shorter with four brakes and more rubber touching the ground.
  • Experience less body roll with two tires carrying the rear of the car.
  • Corner with confidence with more rear grip.
Project 324 left front above view

How It Works

Your Slingshot + Our Kit

The Project 324 kit is a DIY 3 to 4 wheel conversion kit for your Slingshot. This means you will install the kit yourself.

But don't worry! We've done all of the fabrication and other hardwork for you so installing the kit is very simple.

** Regional installers will be available soon. If you are interested in having the kit installed for you, please contact us directly. **

The Build Process

A Simple Weekend Project

  1. Disassemble the rear of your Slingshot to remove the swing arm and angle drive.
  2. Bolt the Project 324 frame and suspension to the rear of your Slingshot.
  3. Replace the Slingshot driveshaft with the supplied Project 324 drive shaft.
  4. Connect the Slingshot brake hose, parking brake cable and wheel speed sensor.
  5. Bleed the brakes, install the rear wheels and hit the road.
Project 324 left rear above view.

Everything Except the 4th Tire

The Project 324 kit includes all of the pieces you need except the extra rear tire and wheel. You'll need to purchase the 4th tire and wheel yourself.

When ordering the kit you can decide if you want the kit fully assembled or in pieces.

  • The fully assembled is ready to bolt directly to your Slingshot.
  • The unassembled version will require paint or powder coat before bolting in the differential, assembling the suspension and installing the brakes. Then you'll bolt the whole rear clip to the Slingshot.
Kit Includes:
Project 324 Frame
Gen 5 Camaro Differential and Axles
Driveshaft with Adapter and Tone Ring
Control Arms, Upper and Lower
QA1 Single Adjustable Coilovers
CNC Machined Aluminum Uprights
Bearing Hubs
Brake Calipers and Rotors
Brake Hoses and Hardware
Parking Brake Cable
Wheel Speed Sensor Adapter
Fastener Kit
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Will any Slingshot work?

Any 2015 to 2019 Slingshot is compatible with the Project 324 kit. More info »

The swing arm mount changed for the 2017 models so we have to send slightly different pieces for the 2015-2016 Slingshots. Make sure you select the correct year model when submitting your order.

Do I need anything besides a Slingshot and the Project 324 kit?

The only other major purchase you will need to make is the fourth wheel and tire. More info »

You will have to buy another rear tire and wheel for your conversion. Make sure the specs for the tire and wheel you purchase match the specs of your original rear tire.

Other than the tire and wheel, you'll also want to buy brake fluid to top off the reservoir when you bleed the brakes. You will also need gear oil for the differential.

Do I need special tools for the Project 324 assembly process?

You will need a jack, jackstands and a set of ramps. The kit will come with the rest of the tools you need. More info »

You'll use a jack and jackstands to hold up the rear of your Slingshot and ramps for the front. The kit will include the rest of the tools to assemble and install your Project 324 kit.

Will I be able to revert back to three wheels?

Other than trimming two of the rear plastic covers, the conversion is completely reversable. More info »

If you hold on to your original driveshaft, angle drive, swing arm and other stock pieces you can revert back to three wheels. Two plastic pieces have to be trimmed so those will have to be replaced if you want it to look completely stock.

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