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Build your own Goblin for under $12,500
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Factory Built Goblin
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Race car thrills. Street car budget.
Experience mid-engine, open wheel race car handling without paying race car prices. Stick to the lowest possible budget by building a Goblin kit yourself or get driving sooner by buying a ready to drive, factory-built Goblin.
Redefining the kit car
Forget your grandpa's old VW based kit car -- the Goblin isn't just a standard car with a fancy body bolted to it. The Goblin's tubular steel space frame chassis was computer designed with a focus on performance. The result is a light weight, rigid chassis ready to accept the donor powertrain, electrical systems and more.
New life for the Chevy Cobalt
Each Goblin build requires a Chevrolet Cobalt donor and with over 1 million produced from 2005-2010, the Cobalt is not a hard donor to find. Choose a base model auto or manual donor for power to weight ratios rivaling modern muscle cars or go with an SS donor to sneak into super car territory.
We fabricate. You assemble.
We get the hard work out of the way by fabricating every piece you will need besides what comes off of your donor. The kit components are manufactured with tools, jigs and fixtures that we've designed and built to maintain consistent, high quality results.
Options for everyone
Build the Goblin that fits you and your goals. We offer city frames for cruising and track frames for wheel to wheel events (either of which can be extended for taller folks). There are a variety of options to choose from to build your Goblin your way.