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  1. Jack billington
    Jack billington
    I've been interested in this kit for a while and now that partial builds are available I was wondering what the 50% build needed to be done?
  2. BaltimoreHokie
    BaltimoreHokie David
    Hey I saw you recently started your build. Have you ordered your kit yet? What is your plan for shipping?
  3. JeffsGoblin
    JeffsGoblin justalilow
    Justalilow, are you still thinking of building a goblin? I am in Ohio as well and have a donor, but still working on stripping it.
  4. Chris Eggert
    Chris Eggert
    Moving forward to reach the goal
  5. Chris Eggert
    Chris Eggert
    Getting started on my way
  6. Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson
    Let's work hard to buy a car :))) so excited.
  7. PHerder
  8. k.rollin
    Found $1.45 in loose change while stripping the interior; how's that for recouping the donor cost?
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  9. ctuinstra
    ctuinstra TheNuker
    I couldn't put everything in the first post, limit of 420 characters. I live in Missouri also. I'd like to ask you some questions. Monday in the 30 day mark since I bought the donor so if I need to title it, it will have to be Monday so I don't get penalized. Thanks, Chad Tuinstra
  10. ctuinstra
    ctuinstra TheNuker
    I just bought the donor car from an auction in Iowa. Do I really need to title it in my name if it's going to be stripped and trashed? Do I need to hang on to the original VIN? I was talking with the local DMV and she said that the MSHP would need to inspect and verify my donor car that is being used for parts.
  11. PG5
    Watching Goblin TV
  12. PHerder
    Donor (2007 SS/SC) torn down, awaiting title to get rid of the remains!
  13. DanPerryy
    DanPerryy JSATX
    Justin, what an asset you are to others building a Goblin!!!
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  14. PHerder
    New donor (2007 SS/SC being torn down!
  15. RichN
    IT'S ALIVE!!!
  16. Ken and Robert
    Ken and Robert
    Hello all My name is Robert and my buddies name is Ken. We are going to build a goblin soon! We just purchased our first donor today!
  17. JSATX
    Certified Weight: 1380 Lbs!
  18. Gretchen
    Being painted
  19. DanPerryy
    DanPerryy Michael Perry
    Got the engine in frame, running
  20. PHerder
    Frame and stage 1 parts are in house!