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June 30th, drove it for it's first real drive, downtown for ice cream.
July 11th, put on the wide tires.
Aug 24th, first autocross
Aug 28th, replaced timing chain tensioner & chain guide bolt.
Sept 18th, replaced wheel bearings, thicker rod end mounts.
Sept 30th, added AEM air fuel guage, so I can use HP Tuners.
Oct 7th, got dragy. Precision butt dyno. 0-60 is 4.2 seconds
Hello BaltimoreHokie, I was told to reach out to you for information on getting car registered in Montana. I tried Illinois where i live followed there process and no go. I'm getting this registered one way or another!! Please help me if you can. John, 618-420-6015
Hello XJLIFE, My name is Steve Meyer and I live in Hixton, WI. I just joined the Forum and I am planning to build a Gobin using a SS TC. Any chance I could look at yours and hear about your build experience? Thanks, Steve