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    Midwest Meet Spring 2019 ***UPDATED***

    We have a guest joining up from the Lotus Seven group. He will be bringing a 1971 Lotus Europa S2.
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    Build Guide Part 5 - Removing the interior and dash

    You are correct. There is a spring tab that goes over the stud bolt. Highlighted in yellow is the stud bolt and circled in red is the retaining clip. The screwdriver will push the clip outward away from the seat/stud. It might be tight up against the seat and may not be able to see it well...
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    Custom Wraps

    Here is a link to the headlights. I cut two pieces of 1" solid square stock (left over from the heat exchanger mounting) and pinned and bolted them together to make the mount.
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    Custom Wraps

    Kaleb and I did apply the wrap. It was frustrating at first but we found heat works very well and we got better while doing it. The lights are Rigid Dually series. Using floods for low beams and spots for the high beams. Lows angled low and spots higher. The brackets are custom brackets we...
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    Custom Wraps

    Our previous build had a custom wrap from I'm not affiliated with them, just had a good experience. When I was getting quotes from local sign and wrap companies, I was seeing quotes from $900-$1200! I understand they will do a better job and install it and...
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    Free to a good home

    Cleaning out the garage and I have a few items that are too good to toss but I don't have a use for them. You pay for actual shipping costs and it can be yours. Rear engine mount - Professionally cleaned. You could eat off of it. Surge tank from base model - was new. I bought this...
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    Introduction from the Valley of the Sun

    Does it help to have it built and licensed in one state and then move to another, rather than trying to first license it in CA?
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    Where’s the big boys at?

    I meant to put a link to them. You will have to use the drop down on the style to see the wide version. Actually they were almost a bit too wide for me. They did fit in the car but we used a custom seat bracket with sliders. This...
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    Turbo +Boost Issues

    I'm not the expert here but I have a few questions. During the tune, did they look at the MAF output and see anything unusual? Unplugging it uses defaults or goes into a different mode. Could it possibly be turned around and not installed facing the right direction?
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    New member

    Still technically a dead body!
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    Midwest Meet Spring 2019 ***UPDATED***

    I have reached out to the Lotus Seven group to see if anyone there is interested in joining the trip also.
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    New member

    Tell us about your donor. Any pictures? Welcome to the forum!
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    Where’s the big boys at?

    We used the wide Corbeau seats in the first build. They would work well for you also.
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    Gilbert goblin in process

    Welcome to the forum. You might want to turn this bolt around. The head should be on the bottom so it doesn't catch anything and it can be used as a ground point inside the tunnel. Looks good!