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    VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System)

    I haven't yet for sure but I was thinking about this one. The only thing I didn't like with that one is that you have to hold the blue chip up to the ring to start it. I was wanting something more passive...
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    Clutch position switch

    This might not be from the correct year of car. Mine only has two wires on the clutch.
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    Clutch position switch

    And the pink/blk should have 12V on it with the ignition.
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    Clutch position switch

    From the wiring diagram I have, it should be Pink/Blk and Brown/white. The brown/white goes to the powertrain control module (by the engine).
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    VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System)

    If you don't have one of the original keys, the process is much harder. But there is a process to learn a new key WITHOUT an original! I don't have it off of the top of my head but it's easy to find on the Internet. You have to do a procedure, then wait 10 minutes, do it again, wait 10...
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    VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System)

    Well that stinks!
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    VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System)

    This may be common knowledge, however I confirmed it yesterday on our build. If you turn off VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System ) using HP Tuners, you do NOT need a programmed key. I unplugged the black plastic ring around the ignition where the key goes in and the car started just fine with no...
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    Clamps. Very much so. The last thing you want is brake fluid leaking all over that clean car. See my post about it..
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    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor 2.0

    Kaleb is home for winter break. We worked on the car today and got a few things finished. We are getting really close to putting it on the ground and running around with it again. Today we mounted the rear solid engine mount, tunnel cover, shifter, and put muffler back on. I had already...
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    ncgoblin's Build Thread - 2005 SS/SC LSD North Carolina

    The arms will have nothing to do with the ride height. The struts are the only thing that will affect ride height (well, unless of course your spindles are different which I don't know how they could be). It's odd that the shorter springs did not lower the car, they should have. Unless the...
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    Lethalcast's City goblin- 2009 SS/TC G85

    Wow! I would have to be making a phone call to at least get to the bottom of it. What are you thinking about doing with them?
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    Lethalcast's City goblin- 2009 SS/TC G85

    I wonder if it's set up for a different year/car. That stinks. It's not even close.
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    Full race DF Kit Car

    Can never have enough! Very good manageable power. Even if not, it can be softened by changing the torque management using HP Tuners.
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    Turbo fuel pump orientation

    You rotate it so the float will have room to move up and down. I believe if it's pointing to the outside, it may get hung up on the walls.
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    Until others answer, I have not heard of any in that state, at least not on the forum.