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    Engine Codes

    If you want to test, you could disconnect the PVC from the intake and block off the intake connection. Vent the valve cover to the open air. Now if the LNJ does have a PCV valve inside the valve cover, this could still be in the way if it's blocked and not venting. Point being, I don't...
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    Engine Codes

    I agree with this. The whole point of having a PVC is to vent the crankcase. In the past it was vented to the atmosphere. Now because of emissions, they vent it into the intake to burn the pollutants. If you have excessive amount of venting, it's a sign of cylinder blow-by.
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    Dre city Goblin build - 06 LS Donor

    At least the problems are consistent. Now I feel better in out build that it wasn't just me doing something wrong. We also ran into that same issue. You will have to grind or cut away part of the clutch pedal for it to clear the steering shaft. That's what we did. The same goes for...
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    Engine Codes

    They are actually the exact same sensor, just placed in two different spots. The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) is in the intake manifold, the barometric (BARO) sensor is mounted outside of the engine and exposed to the atmosphere. Mine is mounted on a metal tab up by the valve cover by the...
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    Engine Codes

    Just a thought here. Read this highlighted passage. Are you 100% sure you have the correct connections on the MAP and the BARO sensor? They are the same plug and can be swapped. At least this is the case on our SS/SC. I had to look up the wire color to make sure I was plugging the correct...
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    Body Templates for Paint/Wrap Designs

    Guys, Kaleb and I just finished wrapping the car after making our own design and had the printed up. He and I did the wrap job so its not perfect but still very good. All this for $180! I'll post pictures of it soon.
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    Dre city Goblin build - 06 LS Donor

    They bottoms should have come in the kit. Check with Adam.
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    Front Ride Height

    You are going the wrong way with it. Loosen the lower lock nut and then lower the lower spring mount. This will allow the car to settle down and level the lower a-arm. The picture doesn't have anyone in the seat but I assume if two were in the seat it would still be high on the left side...
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    Front Ride Height

    ??? You shouldn't need anything different than anyone else all things being the same. Post pictures of what you are seeing. It shouldn't be sagging that much.
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    Tony's City Goblin - 2010 SS/TC

    Yes, the line from the valve cover is the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) and will connect downstream from the air filter and before the throttle body. This way it burns the venting from the crank. I actually just put a filter on it and vent it to atmosphere on our SS/SC. It's an easier...
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    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor **Licensed**

    Not all of them were. They don't have to be completely threaded.
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    Soooo yeah...

    Glad she and the car are okay! That's one of my biggest fears with Kaleb driving. He's good but he doesn't know where the limit is yet. He took me for a good long drive yesterday before going off to college and I admit, I was a bit nervous at times. Although I don't think it was even close...
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    Shadow Lou Racing, street,track,autocross Goblin

    What springs are you using currently. I couldn't find that info. Are you running an anti-sway bar? I assume not and it would probably only make it worse in the rear.
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    Ben Peter's Track frame 07 SS sc Goblin (NH)

    I doubt very highly the injectors have anything to do with it. There is no place for the ECM to even “know” what injectors are in it. The only thing is just the flow rate. There is something wrong with it. ZZP should make it work for you.
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    Separating transmission from engine and reassembly

    Yeah, they are not as scary once you have done it. I found out someone had put the wrong bolts in the wrong place previously. I ended up getting all new yellow zinc bolts (which in the end it kind of a waste because you can't see hardly any of them when it's all finished).