Airbag, Seatbelt & Tire Pressure Light Eliminator + Bonus Feature(s)


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I am in charge of a SMT operation for my living. I have a ton of freedom there.

Let me know if I can help with anything.

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Sorry Brad, looks like our Goblin family read your thread and like what you have to offer for putting functionality into some of the factory goodies that don't work with the altered wire harness and/or missing sensors. You even have an interest from Lonny and Ark may have a point that this would be a great option when buying a kit.

Remember many people built a company from just an idea and a getting the right interest from people who saw value in what they had to offer. I'm not saying this is a business opportunity, but getting the right person/people and equipment pulled together to make a small commercial venture of your gadgets would not be a bad thing under the right circumstances. And if it could be marketed correctly, Doyle Fab already has a captive market, then it could make you and DF some money and make a bunch of Goblin owners happy. Let's just for instance say that 40% of Goblin owners would purchase one or more of the gadgets - that is currently about 70 units - and if 4 of 10 buyers add this to their kit, that is probably several per month.

Just something to think about and I'm sure a discussion with Lonny and Adam could prove to be a positive thing, and I am all for it! :)


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Belt Minder (*NEW*)
This will enable a seat belt reminder similar to the factory one that is deleted after the SDM (airbag module) is removed. Operation: After the ignition is turned to the start position, the seat belt light will blink any time a seat belt is not latched. This requires stock seat belts be wired into the module I am building. One wire to ground, one wire to the seat belt input(s) on the module. This will require more logic to be added to properly support a passenger side belt.

PK3+ Bypass (*NEW*)
PK3+ is the in key chip security that many are referring to as "VATS". For folks with the newer Bosch PCM / ECUs where PK3+ can not be disabled, I now offer a "solution" - Theft Deterrent Module (TDM) cloning. This requires a working paired key and TDM to be connected to the vehicle for cloning. Once done, the TDM and chip in the key are no longer required. It is still advisable to keep the TDM connector somewhere in case you ever had an issue.

Software Menu (*NEW*)
There is now an on screen menu that allows you to enable and disable each feature and adjust the TPMS thresholds. This is the first iteration of the menu. I expect changes to follow.

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