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    Very nice!
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    AC options - gut compressor or idler pulley to replace compressor?

    or you could keep the ac and use it to drive an interchiller :cool:
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    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    JERMzSS - any issues keeping heat in them?
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    Brian's City Goblin-06/Crate MotorTC

    Which fluid did you put back in the tranny? I ended up going with the GM stuff and it was expensive!
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    Lethalcast's City goblin- 2009 SS/TC G85

    If you are not using it for a daily driver, you really can save some money by going with one of the specialty companies like NCM, etc.
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    Steve's City Ext 09 Turbo

    Very impressive Steve! I think it looks fantastic and should provide some much needed front down force.
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    Parking Brakes

    Not bad! I'm thinking 24" will be way too much for what we need, perhaps 2" or 4"?
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    Those wheels are sick! Congrats on a VERY nice build!!
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    Parking Brakes

    I'm planning on building an electronic version at some point, but its pretty far down the list for me. Their are tons of linear actuators out there, the trick is figuring out how much pull strength and coupling it with one that has the right actuating distance/speed and then not costing a...
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    Changing either the engine or the electronics?

    Thanks for keeping us posted - let us know when you get it back!
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    Parking Brakes

    Great, informative post - Thank you for sharing!
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    Goonzsquad youtube coverage

    Yeah, but you are also building a Goblin, so you get a pass :cool:
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    Rear Wings

    Keep us posted Tinkles. I've never printed that large of a multi-segment piece, so I'm interested to see how that goes for you. Does the material you are proposing to use have decent UV resistance too?
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    Rear Wings

    Or a LOT of jointed together pieces...
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    Goonzsquad youtube coverage

    Agreed 100%!