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    Steering column/wheel installation

    Here's mine: I used an old phone charger to rig up the horn wire - works great! Don't mind the painters tape - still a work in progress, LOL... Printed a hook to hold the wheel, too:
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    This is what makes me think the fuse box might be bad. Or I'm not testing something correctly...
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    I have a new relay on order to make HE Fan a stand alone circuit activated by run/crank; however, I'm not positive its going to fix the problem.. After posting my results, I'm beginning to wander if my fuse box is bad. Chad - your first idea - that little circuit is not used (or connected to...
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    Well - I have some weird results to report. I cut the sheathing in two places on the jumper wire and attached the leads from my multi meter then reassembled everything. At first the pump didn’t come on. I went upstairs to work on a few things and about 45 min later I returned to basement and...
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    Jays 05 supercharged build, East TN.

    where you at in East TN? I'm in Johnson City.
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    Well - let me think about that. The wire is located on the C5 block and is underneath the fuse panel in the box... I could probably make the wire long enough to stick out the side of the box and get a reading. I just read this and I've gotta run some errands. I'll report back later. Thanks...
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    Those wheels look really good - love the deep dish!
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    So this problem has resurfaced and I'm looking for some help. Here is an updated schematic on what I have done: With the key off - the coolant pump is running - HE Fan is NOT running. Here is some additional information and things I have checked: 1. AFTR COOL Relay has been verified OK...
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    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    Thanks Balphamore. I was able to space the wing brackets inward enough to get the taillight housings to clear in the factory position. I think it was less than 1/2" that was needed. The wing brackets are long enough that it didn't really effect anything where they mount to the wing. I did...
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    Luke's City Frame Goblin '07 SS/SC

    I think a few of us have used the GMPP clutch kit. PN 19212712. Has worked great for mine so far.
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    LHU instead of LNF ?

    Pretty sure HHR stuff is the same. I think Dan Perry used a HHR transmission in his build. As long as the newer engines can accept the right mounts, I don't see any reason it couldn't be made to work. You might have issues with the BCM talking to the newer ECM - worth checking into if you...
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    Alex and the Extended City Frame - 08 Sport/Automatic Donor

    Next time try freezing the tie rod end on both sides of the steering arm. I keep a can of that canned air keyboard cleaner in my shop - if you turn it upside down and spray you can freeze stuff really quick!
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    Lethalcast's City goblin- 2009 SS/TC G85

    Calipers looks awesome - way better than the G2 paint I went with - never will do that again...
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    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor 2.0

    Like it! Any chance there is a way to make DIC brighter, too?