10/27/18 - DF Kit Car at Cobalt Nation/Ecotec Nation Tail of the Dragon Event


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Wes started a thread about going to the Tail of the Dragon for the Cobalt Nation and Ecotec Nation event this year. I figured I'd start a thread to make it official.

We'll be heading that way from Dallas on Thursday 10/25. We will hit the Tail of the Dragon on Friday and Saturday.

The actual meet up with the two 'Nations' is on Saturday at 9:00 AM eastern time at the bottom of the Fontana Dam. To make navigating to it easier, here are the coordinates (click on the coordinates to jump to Google maps):

35.449770, -83.805981

If you plan on going (with or without a Goblin) let us know here on this thread. You should also head over to their Facebook group and let them know you'll be there. Feel free to post in their discussion area with a photo of your Goblin. https://www.facebook.com/events/1727179290688199/?active_tab=discussion
Can't wait! 9am on Saturday is pretty optimistic since we'll have to drive down from TN that morning. Also may have a couple of tag alongs on Harleys... People usually hang around for a while and then "roll out" or how does it go down? I hadn't planned to stay the night in fontana but maybe that would be best...? Could just sleep in my trailer lol