2006 STi "built" selling to pursue goblin >:)

I'm new and this is my first post so I guess I'll introduce myself a bit. I have a 2006 subaru STi, had it for 8 years now. I bought it right after boot camp for the US air force. I've been in 8 years active duty as a fire truck mechanic. I've been to Korea, Germany, and now New Mexico plus a deployment so that's why my car has such low miles :D. Being stationed in middle of the desert New Mexico kind of sucks. We only have 91 octane, it's hot as hell all the time, and we're around 4200ft above sea level so the power struggle is real with cars.

Anyways, I plan on selling it this spring (after tax return time!) to fund a turbo goblin build. With the amount of money I've thrown at my car to get it where it's at ontop of the car itself I could have built myself 2 sweet boosted goblins. I guess I'm selling because I'm tired of having a car that EVERYONE and their mother's have, cost of general maintenance, cost of modifications. The way I see it, I could have a stupid fast car that not many people even know what it is, let alone seen a goblin before. The icing on the cake it the "budget" power plant that will be cheap(er) to maintain and modify if I so desire. I guess I'll list the STi mods and go from there.

2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi - Bought in California with 40k miles. 68k miles now.
-IAG "stage 2.5" closed deck block
-Manley platinum series pistons (stock bore)
-Manley H-tuff rods
-ARP2000 rod bolts
-GSC stage 2 272 cams
-GSC springs
-GSC retainers
-Comp stage 3 clutch
-Cobb 20g turbo
-Tomei catless equal length headers
-Grimmspeed up pipe with external wastegate dump tube
-Tial 38mm external wastegate
-Moore performance catless divorced downpipe with custom 3" exhaust (off the owner's old time attack car :))
-Cobb internal wastegate bracket
-Deatschwerks 1000cc side feed injectors
-Walboro 255lph fuel pump
-ETS front mount intercooler kit (4" core anodized black, along with all piping)
-ETS cold air intake
-GoFastBits hybrid blow off valve
-Perrin turbo inlet
-Cusco oil catch can
-Perrin coolant reservoir relocation kid
-1 step colder spark plugs
-Cobb accessport V2
-Custom tuned on 91 octane 370awhp @ 25psi
-Snow performance water/meth kit (uninstalled)

-Feal 441 coilovers with rear camber plates
-Whiteline 28mm front and rear sway bars
-Kartboy front and rear end links
-Carbotech XP12 kevlar cermaic pads front and rear
-Super blue brake fluid (Old school blue fluid ;))
-Nexen N fera sur4 tires 245/17/40 on stock BBS wheels

-STM instrument cluster 2 gauge pod holder
-AEM wideband
-Snow performance water/meth gauge
-A piller gauge pod with no name analog boost gauge

-Perrin wing stiffies (2)
-Rally armor red polyurethane mud flaps
-25% tint
-Grimmspeed alternator cover
-Grimmspeed hood struts
-Grimmspeed radiator shroud
-1 Oem fog light surround (because that's right where my intake is, in the fender. Function over form!!!)

Sorry if I'm cluttering the forum. Just easier to get all my thoughts n stuff down on paper (kinda haha) so I'm not so scatter brained. I'm thinking a turbo goblin with a white frame and black wheels and accents. I'm a bit of a weekend warrior at the track and think the goblin would be the perfect weekend car/track weapon for me. Any recommendations or questions hit me up!



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Welcome from a former AF guy That's a sweet car. I always liked the STis. If I had the money and garage space to throw around I'd totally take it off your hands in a second.

A white/black combo would definitely be unique. I've never seen pics of a white frame.
Welcome from a former AF guy That's a sweet car. I always liked the STis. If I had the money and garage space to throw around I'd totally take it off your hands in a second.

A white/black combo would definitely be unique. I've never seen pics of a white frame.
Thanks! I wish I had gotten an Evo. Hindsight is always 20/20. I was a fanboy when I got the car. Didn't realize how much it costs to make these things quick AND reliable hahaha. Ya I was having a hard time thinking of what color I wanted to go with until white popped in my head. I saw the frame that was purple with metallic flake and it looked gorgeous but not trying to be a copy cat. Part of the reason to switch to a goblin is to be unique! If I could get over 20k for it I'd be extremely happy and it'd easily get me everything I need. I'll probably list it way over price like 27k obo and take 20-25k. The exterior isn't in the best condition but hey, super low miles and 2k miles on the motor build/clutch haha. Someone will buy it probably in cali, washington, or florida area. Even after the recent motor build and pretty much maxed out my turbo/fuel setup, it's already become boring to drive. I figure I'll have a hard time getting bored with an open wheel car :)


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Being in the AF, I hope you'd also have a daily driver. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be in the NM desert with a 100+ degree, 80 MPH breeze in my face. :)
Hahaha right? It's like a blow dryer in your face. Sucks cause I'm a windows down kinda guy. I'm married mil to mil. Wife recently got out and we have 3 kids. So we have this badass 2015 toyota sienna minivan....:D:D. My plan with the goblin is for it to be a friday to sunday car. I'll take it to work every now and then if I'm in a bad mood or something cause I know that'll cheer me up! I don't daily my STi either. Every couple days I'll drive it. I see enough subaru's on base anyways...


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For a possible place to sell your car, You could try putting an ad into the Grassroots Motorsports magazine. Or Craigslist In the Northwest, like you were saying. Tons of "Subies" (as they call them) up here.

I was going to go that same color combo, white chassis black wheels. Stormtrooper look.
The guy at the powder coat shop kind of talked me out of it. Being in Washington, if there are any pin holes in any welds (which there are a few on mine) will collect moisture and weep lovely rusty water. Staining the white powder coating.
I think the white with black would be pretty wild looking but subtle at the same time.

Now you being in New Mexico shouldn't have any issue with the moisture thing. Don't they have to truck in water to New Mexico?
Ya I definitely won't even bother posting it in my area. It's a small poor town haha. Really about the powdercoat? "Knowing is half the battle!" Dang ya I agree, it'd look awesome. Not much moisture out here but I also won't be living out here forever. For all I know I might get orders to Alaska but that's fine. This is going to be a toy for me.


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I was stationed at Cannon AFB in Clovis years ago, sounds like that is where you are.
It was a small poor town in the middle of nowhere.
One redeeming grace was I used to go to the local dirt track every week.
Oh man Cannon is worse than where I'm at (from what I hear at least). I'm down the road a ways at Holloman AFB near Alamogordo. Ya I did the whole dirt bike thing and have a bunch of guns but I'm refocusing my hobbies back to solely car things.


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Welcome from another that has spent a lot of time at the test site and enjoyed Alamogordo as much as it is possible to enjoy. Worked at NRTF - mostly RAMS , some main site.
Welcome from another that has spent a lot of time at the test site and enjoyed Alamogordo as much as it is possible to enjoy. Worked at NRTF - mostly RAMS , some main site.
Ya I've been here for 4 years now. I feel like it's time to move on. I was stationed at Spangdahlem Germany before this...which is 30 minutes from Nurburgring. I did about 24 laps on the ring while I was stationed there for a little over 2 years. Such a fun area and made a lot more money overseas. I'm trying to get to one of the bases in Florida (like everyone else in the AF) or Charleston South Carolina.

Out here in New Mexico there's a road course about 120mi away that I raced my "daily" modified Fiesta ST at quite often. That was such a fun car but I sold it since the arrival of my 3rd and final kid haha. I also go to the El Paso motorplex drag strip about 120mi in the other direction. Still my favorite place to go is up in the mountains for "spirited drives". I know they used to run texas mile drag races out at the test track but I think they stopped doing that a couple years ago. Either way I'd like to get my goblin now while I'm ONLY about 600mi from DF head quarters.

It's kind of sad and comical being a diesel mechanic for the military and probably going to end up getting the 75% built kit. I've watched all the youtube videos a dozen times and I'm very confident in my abilities however, working long hours and coming home to 3 kids, I have a hard time already working on my operational car, let alone a full blown project. When I recently blew my motor in my STi I took it to Patterson Performance down in El Paso to get it installed. Don't regret it at all. I can schedule my hobby projects into my life as long as I can get it done in a weekend or 2 but nothing too intense or I know it'll stay out of service for way too long. That's why I figure if I sold my STi and regular savings plus deployment money and tax return money, I could easily afford the 75% kit. Then I can just focus on what wheels and tires I want to run and where I plan on driving this thing! :D:D:D