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  1. BAR-AIR

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    Good Afternoon,
    Was over at a friend of a friends shop this afternoon and was able to get into his back warehouse. He has a collision shop that specialized in rebuilding Chevrolet Cobalts. With the Cobalt's last production model being 2010 (getting too old for the used car auto lots) he is transitioning to the newer Chevrolet Cruze. With that being said he has a number of Cobalts that he has never gotten around too (all were bought around the 2008 thru 2011 time frame as you can see from the dust on them mostly stored indoors).
    2005 SS 44,000 miles 6 speed
    2009 117,000 miles 5 speed (engine is out but would go with the car)
    2009 71,000 miles
    IMG_1405.JPG 2007 37,000 miles 5 speed (the damage did get into the plastic intake manifold -thus currently not running)
    2008 38,000 miles Automatic
    2009 66,000 miles Automatic
    2005 115,000 miles 4 door 5 speed
    He has misc. rims this being a good set. Engine cradles (I just took one cut the radiator ears off and had it powder coated).
    Talking with the owner he is willing to sell these in three ways 1) buy the complete car and send over a shipper to get it. 2) he will strip out the parts that he can still use in the collision - doors, lights, fenders - not touching anything that is used for the kit. Thus the price of the car would be less, then send over a shipper to get it. 3) he would strip the donor as you would put it all on the pallet and ship it to you. There would be a cost for stripping, palleting and shipping (cost?).
    Just saw these out there...
    Hope it can help someone...
  2. JSATX

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    Do you know Is the 05 SS Supercharged or 2.4L?
  3. BAR-AIR

    BAR-AIR Well-Known Member

  4. anorphirith

    anorphirith New Member

    which state is he shipping from ?
  5. BAR-AIR

    BAR-AIR Well-Known Member

    Cars are located in Lockport, New York (just north of Buffalo)....
  6. scott

    scott New Member

    Is the 05 ss still available
  7. Burrowsbj

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    Are any of these still available?
  8. BAR-AIR

    BAR-AIR Well-Known Member

    Still available.
  9. thetexannh

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    INtreseted in the 05. can you send me details.
  10. swelch

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    Hey I've been looking into a goblin build. From Rochester NY so close to your friend. Would be interested in the 05 ss if someone has not taken it yet let me know. Thanks!
  11. BAR-AIR

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    If anyone is interested...
    That friend of mine with the donor cars gave me a call this morning asking if I could do a quick inventory of the Cobalts and G5's. He would really like to free up some of his warehouse space. If anyone needs something specific (cradles, engines/transmissions, entire donor etc... drop me a text what you are looking for I'll see what he has. From our short conversation he still has pretty much everything from the earlier post plus some additional from further back in his warehouse.
  12. David

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    SS/SC F35 g85 trans
  13. JustinG

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    I'd be interested in a complete donor or at least all the goblin kit parts if he has any ss/sc or ss/tc cobalts.
  14. BAR-AIR

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    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Was able to get over and go through some of the cars/parts up in Lockport, N.Y. Probably over 20 cars ranging in miles from 30,000 to over 100,000 miles mostly Cobalts with a couple of G5's with the 2.4 VVT engines (prices ranging from $900 to $3500 the most expensive is the 2005 Cobalt SS with only 49,000 miles). There are literally a couple of pallets of transmissions (auto and manual). Walk around stepped over a couple of steering knuckles (replaced mine on both cars due to corrosion -here there just laying in a pile along with complete steering shafts and engine cradles).
    So I'm just going to post a whole bunch of photos take a look and see if your interested...

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