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    Hi guys!

    I have been working on building my goblin and also working out the kinks like registration and insurance. As far as I am concerned, CA is one of the worst places to register a kit car or any modified car in general. Here are a few extra things that it turns out I need for the goblin:

    • Evap Canister
    • Muffler <95DB (could not be needed, but some may not smog without muffler)
    • EPA or ARB compliant EVERYTHING

    I am not sure how I will do with the ARB compliance, but maybe I will get an exception for a kit car. When the car is fully build I will report back and see how it went.
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    From what I understand about that, you get emission tested on the year your engine block is made, so I still need my evap and carb stuff. Am I misinterpreting this?
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    Honestly I'm not sure. I know someone that used it (with a Corvette C5 z06 drivetrain) and he explained that he didn't have to smog/test it at all. This was a few years ago so they may have changed the rules since. It might be worth calling them.

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    Another Californian here. I have not actually done this, but I've researched it a bunch.

    You, as the owner of the car being inspected, get to choose how they define the emissions requirements.

    You can opt to do it by the year of the block - if you do that, then all the emissions devices that were present in the original car (the Cobalt, in this case) have to be present and operational. For most kit-car builders, this is not the best choice.

    The other option is to smog it by body style. The law actually provides that you (again, it's your choice as owner, not up to the CHP or the BAR) can choose to have it smogged as the year it most closely resembles. Cobra replica builders use this to register their cars as '65s, and then they run big V8s with next to no emissions controls. With the Goblin, there's a good argument that it looks like a Lotus Seven, in which case you can have it smogged as a '57. Or even if the Seven comparison doesn't work, there's a provision in the law that, if the car doesn't resemble any known car, it can just be smogged as a '60. In either case, the requirements are not onerous - closed crankcase and PCV, basically. No cats, smog pumps, charcoal canisters, etc., are required. And, because it gets designated as a '57 or a '60, you never actually have to do the biennial inspection/test.

    There's loads of good info out there - the very detailed doc that Johvans linked is one I have also found, but you can find a bunch more information by searching for terms like "SB100 California kit car registration smog" and so on. One key insight is that SB100 is actually used so little (fewer than 500 vehicles per year) that the DMV, CHP, and BAR aren't really interested in you from an emissions perspective - they really just want their money. So break out the dollars and pay the fees with a smile.
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