Carolina goblins!

Mayor West

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I'm looking to get to know the group, and would love to reach out to anyone local to the Carolina area.

I'm located in Lake Wylie, SC (Charlotte, NC metro) and really would like to see one of these in person, especially a reg/ext frame as well as the city/track frame differences if anyone would like to entertain the request and meet someone local that's preparing the 3rd garage for a 2019 winter build.

I have a lot of generic questions that are probably more enjoyable over a beer or three. I'd love to drive up somewhere near by over a weekend to meet anyone willing to spend a lil time showing me their goblin.


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I'm waiting till likely mid/end of July for my frame and parts to ready to pick up, so if some folks around here are meeting up I could join but I don't have anything to show yet. My donor is still sitting on the rear suspension, I'm most of the way through the 7th build video.

I am currently planning on making the drive to pick up my parts when they're ready all at once.

Desert Sasqwatch

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Sounds like you both win in this exchange. You get a fantastic Goblin and he gets a car his one year old can ride around in without having the misses worry (to much).

Mayor West

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The donor I'm bidding on goes up for auction Monday... finger's crossed!

Bauston, what frame options are you getting? I can't decide between city/track normal/extended/ easy-entry/normal.
Batlwgn, I may need to schedule a meet-n-greet to see yours in person one weekend.

I'm excited to hopefully start the process soon.


I will be down your way at street car takeover all weekend and it sounds like Justin Reed is bringing his almost 600 hp monster for at least the roll racing part. You should come check them out!
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Cars and coffee at the speedway tomorrow AM? I'm still waiting on my official registration but I'm planning to attend if anyone is interested

Mayor West

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I was just talking to my wife about maybe going and she said I should go because I never do anything with anyone else or for myself.

I might show up. I haven't been to a c&c at the speedway yet, I went to the last one before Avid bought the parking lot.

Do you think you'll bring your goblin? I forgot you bought IDRVSLO's car.


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Hey! I'm a new member from Charlotte too (near Matthews). I'm in the feasibility and fact-finding stage so I haven't pulled the trigger on anything (yet!). If you local to Charlotte guys ever need a second hand during the build process I'd be happy to help!