Clutch options and opinions.

What is your opinion on a good clutch and a good parts supplier?

My LSJ supercharged engine needs a new clutch.
It will be mostly a street goblin, but I do want the clutch to be able to handle extra power that a boosted engine makes.
I am thinking a stage 2 South Bend clutch from Autoplicity.
Thanks guys! I hadn't researched enough to put GM Performance Parts on my short list.
So now my focus is moving on to the flywheel, which may need replacing. ZZP has an aftermarket one for cheap $150, that I think is double mass (18 lbs). Stock ones are around $450 new. I read that GM Flywheels are not recommended for resurfacing, so that option is gone. Guess I better split the engine/tranny and check the flywheel.