Finding SS/TC FE5 Suspension Parts

Desert Sasqwatch

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Anyone with the FE5 TC suspension having trouble locating things like ball joints? I ordered a set of Moog ball joints (K80567), stating they fit the FE5 suspension - they do not. The post in the ball joint from the Moog is 0.785 inch diameter and is gapped in the suspension upright mounting location. The post on the TC FE5 ball joint on my donor is 0.805 inch diameter and it obviously fits the suspension upright correctly, since it was removed from it during my teardown. I have looked at several different ball joints at O'Reillys, Autozone, NAPA and all are the 0.785 inch diameter posts, but all stating they are a replacement on the FE5 suspension - nope. If someone has replaced their ball joints - on the TC FE5 - and has a source, please let me know.