Flat tow lights for towing my Goblin


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Here is how I did my flat tow lights for towing my Goblin. My motorhome has had problems in the past with driving incandescent lights. Incandescent lights draw up to 10 times the current when they are initially turned on as the filaments are cold. They would blow out some circuit board in the motorhome. I switched all the motorhome running/tail lights - there were 13 of them - from incandescent to LEDs several years ago and have not since had any problems (after previously blowing out 2 circuit boards). I did not wan this to re-occur so the LED tail lights on the Goblin were great. I also will have a high mounted center stop light. If you have a cruise control you will need to add a resistor so the BCM thinks a light is working otherwise the cruise control will not work I am told. Where the resistor is in the circuit will not matter. If I ever get cruise control (my car did not come with it) I would mount the resistor right near the BCM so the current would not travle through my small gauge wires.