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Cleaning out the garage and I have a few items that are too good to toss but I don't have a use for them. You pay for actual shipping costs and it can be yours.

Rear engine mount - Professionally cleaned. You could eat off of it.


Surge tank from base model - was new. I bought this because the frame is designed for the base model surge tank and not the SS/SC tank (the front bracket mount is in a different position. This one did not come with the internal magnet so my coolant level sensor would not sense the level and therefor we always had a check coolant level message on the DIC. I don't know if the base or turbo models have that or not. It was new and used for a few months and I purchase the expensive correct on for the SS/SC and rewelded the mount bracket with work with the new one. It sure looks better than the old yellow ones.