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Discussion in 'Ecotec Platform' started by Karter2026, Oct 11, 2017.

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    My donor car is a 2009 with the LAP motor and has secondary air injection. Does anybody have any experience or thoughts on this header

    The issue is the secondary air. I wanted to go with a ZZP shorty header but it will not work with the air injection. GM changed this system sometime after 2007. Here is my cylinder head where I have circled are the injection ports.

    Here is the exhaust gasket to give a better view.

    The ZZP header does not have deep enough notches between the exhaust ports to clear the injection ports.

    I think my choices are limited to buying the header from Amazon ( same header is on ebay also) with the straight flange it will cover the air injection holes. and take my chances on it. Or cut the notches deeper on the ZZP to clear the block off plates I will have to make.

    Any thoughts or ideas.

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