How much is a shell worth?


Hi guys! my 08 ss is all taken apart and ready to get rid of the shell. I have some kid in town that wants it for some reason lol my question is, is the shell worth anything to sell? If so what’s a good price? Or is it better for him to pick it up for free to get it out of my hair?


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With how long it took to get rid of mine i was almost ready to pay for it to leave..... my choice was "VERY HAPPY with giving it away". Thats just me though.

G Atsma

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Put it this way; would you say all the parts you got out of it are worth more than you paid for the donor? Hopefully yes. If you can sell the hulk for a nice piece of change, great! But if that's not the case, having someone willing to haul it away is worth it too.