Karter2026's City Goblin - 09 LT Donor, PA Build


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Did you get your glass yet?

And a heads up, dont put any public videos online of the car running unless it sounds like a Prius. Apparently mine sounds like a "motorcycle" to a penndot employee and turned into a deciding factor on my first rejection
Boy I am glad I don’t live in PA. I’ll be polite and keep the rest of the comments to myself.


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I talked to that Community guy this morning. He was very knowledgeable. And then Jim from garage called me back. They turned my papers over to supervisor who has an engineer looking at my frame. As for the window, I think he said they will accept a paper saying it conforms to AS1, I have one that says ANSI Z26.1 so not perfect yet but promising.

As for you, if your glass will be under 48" Wide, Theres some flat school bus windows that can be cut down to fit that have all the DOT AS1 info stamped on them at glass shops, saw them in person at Advance Auto Glass in Heidelberg. Or the community guy can cut you a piece from his stash and transfer/etch the info onto the glass.


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This week I was able to get the 1st start. Everything functions as it should. It was good to hear it run. It is almost one year since it last ran.

Mounted up the front rotors and calipers. Waiting on my machined stainless brake hoses.

I also mounted the 3rd brake light and pulled some wires through the rear tubes for the Stop, turn,and tail lights


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I did not like the looks of the weight of the muffler hanging off the header. I made up a quick support bracket with a muffler clamp and a piece of left over channel steel I used for the seat mounts.


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I took a little break for a few weeks. Back at it again. I mounted the rear lights with the plates for the side marker lights.

I also got the rear struts on.

A little tip for those running the stock struts. I fought to get the strut up through the supplied aluminum spacer. Here is what I did. I took the tip of the strut and beveled the edge.

I also beveled the edge of the spacer. It made things go together much easier.

And the best part. Got it sitting on it's wheels. The shifter and cables installed and adjusted. I had to trim about a 1/4" from the side to side shifter cable to get it to work correctly.


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Today I finished up the rear lights.

I was able to finish mocking up the bumper.

Just have to take it back off and finish welding and paint. Spent some time on rear fenders also. I think I have them figured out. Just have to find some wheel spacers.


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Does anyone have a extra clip for holding the clutch hydraulic lines in the master cylinder or the slave cylinder. I had one take off flying and I can not find it. Thought I had a extra in my tool box but no good. Even a part# so I can order one would be helpful. I searched and could not find one.
I have these from an extra donor motor. One is off master end(top) and one is off slave end(bottom). LMK and I'll send one to you.