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Yep, 6 speed shifter and going to use the electric steering box from the Saturn Vue / Chevy Equinox...same fit as the stock Cobalt box, just allows the use of an input adjuster so you can dial in how much power steering you want. I wanted the top bars for the strength, look, and assist in getting in and out of the car. I am also going to take out the stock Goblin fuel tank angle iron pieces and put two horizontal 1 1/2” bars in there low and one at shoulder seat belt height.

Going to be a fun project!



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Does the stock EPS have the ability to adjust resistance?
Not in the same way some of the other EPS units can. I believe I can do it over CAN bus. Ill start up a thread as I have more info. My main concern about using an different EPS is I do not know if manually adjusting the assist level scales the existing speed sensitive assist or just sets it to a fixed value based on the POT setting.
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I can't tell if it's just the camera angle or not, but does it look like you'd be able to fit 2 of those Kirkey's side by side in there? Does that shoulder support start to get in the way?
I've got a 16" driver and 17" passenger seat, both Kirkey 47 series, and I will have to bend the shoulder wings in a bit to get them side by side.