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Discussion in 'Assembly discussion' started by ctuinstra, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. ctuinstra

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    Has anyone done away with their key system and just used push-to-start? I know some may ask why would you want to do away with the key, but I was thinking about doing away with the key and just using toggle switches for ignition, etc. Maybe add a secret interlock somewhere to keep other from just taking off with it.

    If I had a diagram for the ignition, I know I could wire it up.
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  3. Adam

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    One thing you would encounter is the Passkey III vehicle anti-theft system:

    So you'd either need to figure out a way around this or just mount your ignition switch out of sight with the key still installed (and probably turned to the run position).
  4. SliderR1

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    couldn't you just disable the VATS with HP Tuners?
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  5. Adam

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    I just checked and it looks like there is a way to disable VATS with HP Tuners (at least on my 09 LS file).


    I didn't know about that. Thanks for the info.
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  6. JSATX

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    This would be awesome. I'd rather have a push button start as well.

    It would be great to get a running list of HPT mods that could be completed in one go by sending in the ECU.

    I'm not talking about tuning the thing, just turning off error codes like 2nd O2,VATs, basic stuff like that.
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    I've been watching YouTube videos trying to learn as much as possible about HPTuners. HPT seems to have a VERY robust list of items that can be switched off/on for the SES light. However, I think it is very dependent on the style of ECU you are programming. I've got an LS swap project on my to do list, so I'm planning to take the plunge and get HP Tuners. Having said that, I will be able to answer your question for a 2005 SS SC ECU within a month or two. Their might be a list of available SES codes that can be disabled on the HPTuners forum or even I haven't specifically looked for it on either site yet.

    One of the reasons I've been doing this research is that I've read on that the LTFT tables freeze when the EVAP system is disconnected. This is going to make getting the VE tables tuned a little more difficult, if it is true. I'm hoping there is a way to turn off the EVAP and still keep the LTFT tables active in HPT. Please excuse my digression from original topic, but it is somewhat related...
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  8. TheNuker

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    I fixed my SES etc lights the easy way electrical tape over the light on the dash behind the face so it looks perfect LOL

  9. JSATX

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    Hah I did that for the airbag but not the check engine. It's one of the (many) long term goals to
    Get it running without triggering the CEL.
  10. ctuinstra

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    So there is VATS in this?:

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  11. ctuinstra

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    I'm sure for a fee, could you disable the VATS in my ECM when I come to pick up Stage 1?
  12. ctuinstra

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  13. Briann1177

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    VATS stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System. The transponder located inside the key is one component of the vehicle theft deterrent system. You can tell you have a transponder key by the circled + sign towards the top of the actual key part.
  14. DanPerryy

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    You can purchase keys online with the chips in them. Get the key cut to operate the mechanical switch. Use a door lock if necessary. Then you can get the ECM to read the new key - a 30 minute procedure. That key is then the "master". The procedure erases all previous keys from the ECM. With the new master key you can have the ECM learn up to 9 more keys. I have done this on my car. I wrote up something on this on the forum.
  15. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Active Member

    I see that now. Thanks for the info. I would not have guessed it was in there.
  16. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Active Member

    This is the IT guy in me asking, but will disabling a couple of items labeled "patch" disable the entire underlying functionality? When I think of "patch", I think of something that sits on top of something else to modify its behavior.

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